The Quantum Shift Process
The Under the Spotlight program has been designed to help you step into the person you were always destined to be. You will go on an exciting journey learning principles that will transform your life.
Through this coaching program you will develop strategies that will allow you to let go of the subconscious conditioning that has controlled your life up until this point, and change your neurological pathways. Your brain only knows the pathways of the past, so only knows your old belief systems.

In this program you will be guided through the Quantum Shift Process to change your old belief systems, which will change your mind and then change your life.

Using methods of quantum physics to discover you subconscious conditioning, helping you to overcome your egoic voice which has been holding you back in life.

What You Will Uncover Throughout This Experience

orange-checkLearn how to take control of every area in your life

orange-checkLearn to separate yourself from the emotional programs of your past

orange-checkLearn that all of your disbeliefs were just an illusion

orange-checkFinally take back control of your life so that you can stop repeating cycles of the past

orange-checkStart to see your future more clearly than you can see your past

orange-checkPLUS, 12 months of extensive 1-on-1 mindset coaching with qualified tutor


“None can destroy iron but it’s own rust! Likewise, none can destroy a person but her own mindset”

What People Are Saying

“Brilliant Opportunity”

He has gained so much experience worldwide and is very successful, we really look forward to working with him and learning from him. Thank you Ray and team.

- Maggie McNamee

“Incredible is the word that springs to mind”

“I could feel my usual negative feelings shift and instead I could feel a warm excitement come over me. I know this is the beginning of something special.”

- Ian Dempsey

“A life changing experience”

“Very inspirational lifechanging experience have been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time but didn’t know how to get there now to put that dream into action.”

- ‎Hilda Neho

“Grateful that I followed my intuition”

“Ive always believed my thoughts create my reality now we have a plan and a system to create with intention Thanks for being you Ray and your team are great too.”

- ‎Susan Flyger

Are you ready to change the script of your life?

Are you ready to become more creative, open yourself up to opportunities you wouldn’t typically perceive possible?

Are your ready to learn how to replicate the money-making traits and habits of multi-millionaires?

Are you ready to shift the negative and develop stronger connections with those you love?

Of course you are! You just have to take that first step towards your future.

Under the Spotlight can get you there.

Your Mindset Coach: Ray Behan

Ray has studied quantum phenomena, biology and cosmic consciousness for many years with some of the greatest educators in their field of human personal development such as Dr. John Demartini, Jack Canfield, and Benjamin J. Harvey.

He also has a deep understanding of quantum physics, neuroendocrinology, neuroplasticity and reality, having studied under Dr. Joe Dispenza.

In his dedication to changing people’s lives, his research has seen him interview, coach and mentor thousands of people from all walks of life in his search for the answers to why some people are successful and others are not, how two people with similar circumstances can live such different lives, and why some live longer than others.

His dedication to his study and research has resulted in an understanding of the personality traits of those who are successful in life and those who ‘just-get-by’, having developed a system that teaches us how to achieve goals by identifying internal traits that separate those ‘who have’ from those ‘who have not’.

Unravel your subconscious conditioning and put your old programming to sleep!

If you are ready to do what’s neccessary to understand and rewrite your deep subconscious conditioning, then you are ready for the Under the Spotlight process.