Money stays and grows with those who put energy into understanding and systemizing the way they interact with it.

Most people fail to track their monthly spending, have never written out a budget, or fail to implement any kind of money management system.

Yet, they still wonder why they can never afford to do the things they love in life.

All that can change in an instant once you have a system, which will not only show the principles to get the most out of your personal and household fincances, but take away all the stress and uncertainty you have around money.

The Thermodynamics of Wealth & Money is a video course which will show you exactly how to do this, and teach you fundamental management principles which will trickle out to all aspects of your life.

What You Will Uncover Throughout This Experience

orange-checkThe system which has the power to turn your household budget into a thriving business

orange-checkDiscover that your household is a business (you have to balance the books at the end of the month)

orange-checkGet the strategies you need to give yourself permission to make more money

orange-checkLearn how to become a master money manager

orange-checkDiscover that when you get educated in money, money stays with you

“Have a plan for your money. When you buy without a plan you let your emotions dictate your spending.”


“Brilliant Opportunity”

He has gained so much experience worldwide and is very successful, we really look forward to working with him and learning from him. Thank you Ray and team.

- Maggie McNamee

“Incredible is the word that springs to mind”

“I could feel my usual negative feelings shift and instead I could feel a warm excitement come over me. I know this is the beginning of something special.”

- Ian Dempsey

“A life changing experience”

“Very inspirational lifechanging experience have been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time but didn’t know how to get there now to put that dream into action.”

- ‎Hilda Neho

“Grateful that I followed my intuition”

“Ive always believed my thoughts create my reality now we have a plan and a system to create with intention Thanks for being you Ray and your team are great too.”

- ‎Susan Flyger


After applying these simple, but very powerful money managing principles to life, you’ll be amazed at how much you can actually do with what you already have.

The first step to securing a financially comfortable future is being clear with what you want your future to look like, and having a framework to help you successfully manage your success.    


Ray has studied quantum phenomena, biology and cosmic consciousness for many years with some of the greatest educators in their field of human personal development such as Dr. John Demartini, Jack Canfield, and Benjamin J. Harvey.

He also has a deep understanding of quantum physics, neuroendocrinology, neuroplasticity and reality, having studied under Dr. Joe Dispenza.

In his dedication to changing people’s lives, his research has seen him interview, coach and mentor thousands of people from all walks of life in his search for the answers to why some people are successful and others are not, how two people with similar circumstances can live such different lives, and why some live longer than others.

His dedication to his study and research has resulted in an understanding of the personality traits of those who are successful in life and those who ‘just-get-by’, having developed a system that teaches us how to achieve goals by identifying internal traits that separate those ‘who have’ from those ‘who have not’.

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