The problem with attempting to answer this question is that it is far more painless to avoid the truth.


Because the truth behind the answer can, for most people, be very painful.

Why is that?

Because the number seems so BIG that it’s better to avoid it and just pretend that something magical will happen in the future that will address all our financial needs. 

But the real truth is far from what you are thinking.

Look, I had nothing. Zip…not a cent….broke…and I had no education. Yep, I didn’t fail my end of school exam….I didn’t even sit through them all.

So, just like most people, things looked a little hopeless for me. Then one day I met my mentor and everything changed. Here’s what he told me to do, and you can do it too.

 Just before we go there, I want to answer the question above.

Do you know how much money you will need to retire financially free without relying on your super?

The answer is easy to work out, so here goes.

1. Financial freedom equates to $60,000 a year debt free.

2. Debt free means you have over 90% of your home mortgage paid off, and no significant credit debt.

3. $60,000 a year means that you can, in retirement, take 2 holidays a year (I’m not talking about cheap Bali flights, I mean taking holidays that inspire you, that are adventure driven such as Caribbean Cruises, the Great Wall of China, the Seven Wonders of the World, Himalayan mountain trekking and so on). It also means that you never, ever again stress about bills or gifts for the family at Christmas. All that is finally behind you. You are now living in inspiration and not desperation.

4. The average Australian in their 40’s to 60’s today, on average, will live to their early 90’s. So, we have to take best case scenario, that you are healthy and will live to the average.

5. On average we retire at 68. That doesn’t mean you can’t retire from the ‘9 to 5’ grind earlier, it means that we are using 68 years old as an indicator.

6. Therefore, on average you will live for 23 years in retirement needing $60,000 a year, that’s just short of $1,400,000.

Now let me show you first how difficult it is to reach that level of financial worth, and how easy it is.

If in property you had an investment property that is positively geared returning $160 a week to you, and you received this with an additional 3% bank interest, for 97 years (yes, 97 years), you’d only just hit $1million. Well short of the mark.

So it’s NOT about getting into property, it’s about getting into a property that delivers the result YOU NEED. Here’s how you do it.

1. The median value of property in Australia today is around $680,000

2. The median income tenant market, CANNOT afford rent at the $680,000 level.

3. You must focus on the median income tenant market. Why? Because the tenant is your business partner. You need them. They pay for your journey to financial freedom. So, you need to focus on the mass market to get the best outcome.

4. That market has a comfortable affordability range for a property valued between $400k and $500k.

5. Now here’s the key – You need a property cycle of around 10 to 12 years (a cycle means the property doubles in value).

6. Therefore 1 property, valued at say $450,000, going through one cycle will grow your worth by $450,000.

7. Do that 4 times over 5 to 12 years (whatever is comfortable for you), and you will have a net worth of $1,800,000, well beyond your requirement. So, it only takes 4 investment properties BUT the properties must fit a particular demographic because only 4% of investment properties meet the requirement you need for financial freedom.

Now back to what my mentor told me to do, and this is how I made it all happen. You can too. His name was Paul, a great man who hailed from a mega wealthy property family.

 Paul told me the following:

1. It doesn’t matter that you had no education.

2. Find someone who has cut the path through life that you are trying to cut, and simply follow their lead.

3. Get into a community of likeminded people, that way you feel supported and inspired.

5. The successful people in life have a system. Learn it and follow it

6. Whatever you have been told about making money….forget it. It most likely doesn’t fit your goal.

7. When getting into property, NEVER EVER go it alone.

8. Property is a long-term strategy, be in for the long haul. It’s all worth it in the end.

9. Operate with absolute integrity. Property is a long-term strategy, and if you are not completely honest and open, your world will collapse.

My advice….follow the simple principles and you will see that your goals are far more achievable than you ever gave them credit for.


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