Ray Behan has been a property developer, property educator and property writer for almost three decades, purchasing his first property at the age of 19.

By the age of 20, he’d already started on to his second property, buying, renovating, and selling.

Having transacted over $130million in property acquisitions and property options, he has written books and facilitates workshops on the subject of property as a wealth tool. He is very active in the promotion of and practical application of, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, biology and is a writer and speaker on quantum, human consciousness and the ‘egoic & biological self’.

He has studied quantum phenomena, biology and cosmic consciousness for many years with some of the greatest educators in their field of human personal development.

He also has a deep understanding of quantum physics, neuroendocrinology, neuroplasticity and reality.

In his dedication to changing people’s lives, his research has seen him interview, coach and mentor thousands of people from all walks of life in his search for the answers to why some people are successful and others are not, how two people with similar circumstances can live such different lives, and why some live longer than others.

His dedication to his study and research has resulted in an understanding of the personality traits of those who are successful in life and those who ‘just-get-by’, having developed a system that teaches us how to achieve goals by identifying internal traits that separate those ‘who have’ from those ‘who have not’.

He has been mentoring his clients in human potential for decades. In his words…

“The knowledge and power to change, once implemented into one’s life can literally effect a positive change in any area of life, in an instant”.

He is author of “Three Things that Millionaires Know That You Don’t” as well as “How to Option a Property and Make a Whopping Profit”, “Shame – The System Designed to ‘Bleep’ You Up”.

He is currently writing his latest book called “Who The ‘HELL’ Do You Think You Are- How to Lose Your Mind & Escape from Yourself’, in which he combines his years of study in quantum reality with human desires for a greater experience in all areas of life.

He is the co-founder of the Think Big Millionaire Mindset Club, and is currently putting together his latest workshop, “The Cosmic You” which explores questions such as, ‘where have we come from?’, ‘what are we here to do?’, ‘what we might expect when we leave our body?’ and ‘how can we be greater tomorrow than we were yesterday?’, ‘how the limited mindset causes a limited existence?’, and ‘how to break free from the past, and become literally, SUPER?’.

Ray didn’t come from a privileged background though. Having suffered years of mental abuse at the hands of the Christian Brothers in Dublin Ireland, he had an accident which resulted in a major head injury at the age of 7, which impacted his life for years to come.

Returning to school sometime after the accident, it soon became apparent that his ability to learn, communicate and speak as well as to retain information, was seriously affected as a consequence of the accident.

He soon became ostracized, and drew the attention of the Christian Brothers who used him as a demonstration to other students as an example of ‘what it is like to be stupid’.

He attended Christian Brothers School in inner city Dublin the 1970’s during the most violent times in the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland.

Not only was there a ‘war’ on the streets between Catholics and Protestants, but Dublin in general had become a violent place with murders and car bombings. The school yard in this inner-city school environment wasn’t removed from the violence outside the school walls.

Teachers were violent towards students, and student-to-student violence was apparent daily both inside and outside school.

Completing school at age 15, with no education to speak of, his father had to use his influence as a head of engineering in a print works to secure Ray an electrical apprenticeship, in Dublin.

Again, it became apparent that he had learning difficulties and he was transferred by his new employer to the northern most county of Ireland, Donegal on the border of Northern Ireland, where he was to be influenced by hard core paramilitary sympathizers. The future for him at this time was looking dark.

However, at the age of 18 he met his first mentor Paul, a successful young businessman from a wealthy Irish family. Paul took him ‘under his wing’ for almost four years, and opened Rays mind to greater possibilities.

His life turned around forever. He set about to spend the next decades to today, traveling and educating himself, and has been blessed to have been influenced by some of the greatest educators in the world today.

To Your Success,

Ray Behan