your life has been playing like a broken record for far too long…

It’s time to throw out the dodgy record player and upgrade your musical playlist.

The record I’m referring to is the subconscious conditioning and belief systems you acquired from a very young age. Unbeknown to most of us, these systems still play a huge role in your life today.

As adults, we struggle to remember what we had for lunch last week, but as children, small day to day occurrences became high impact moments which have had a long lasting effect on our worldview as adults.

What high impact moments from your childhood are still running on your outdated record player?

  • You can’t have that because we can’t afford it
  • Get whatever job you can and don’t complain
  • Don’t take risks
  • Play small, play safe

Sound familiar?

Well here’s the good news. All of these limiting beliefs and your subconscious conditioning can be overridden and upgraded with new, life enhancing programs