Could you be living in a matrix of your own?

If you’re a fan of the matrix then you must be familiar with the famous “red pill or blue pill” scene.

In the movie, the protagonist Neo is offered a choice of taking the blue pill, which will take him back to believing whatever it is he’s been told to believe, or the red pill which will take him further down the rabbit hole of truth.

I’m not suggesting you’re living in a computer program, but I do believe a lot of us are living and leading our lives based on our cultural programming, the way of thinking instilled in us by our surroundings from a young age.

It’s the blue pill of the modern day telling you to play small, not go after your dreams, be too afraid to take risks, be afraid of failure and ultimately get stuck in a 9 – 5 job which sucks away all your time and energy. It’s this damn blue pill that’s causing you to not take action and instead idle through life.