Wouldn’t it be annoying if you were to go on an overseas holiday and your friends asked you to bring home a ton of extra baggage?

Of course it would. Nobody wants to be lugging around someone else’s stuff when they should be out enjoying themselves. The thing is, I see people doing this all the time. We carry around other people’s emotional baggage on a daily basis.

If your parents are constantly passing off the baggage of their failures, more than likely a lot of that negative emotion will rub off on you. You will believe that if you try, you’ll probably fail too. If your friends are carrying around their failed relationship baggage, chances are you will start carrying around a disbelief in successful relationships too.

It’s the influential people in our lives which shape the way we perceive the world. If you are carrying around somebody else’s negative baggage, you are going to start believing that their baggage belongs to you.

Stop letting this slow you down and start enjoying your holiday!