My dad was called crazy for talking to machines… who’s crazy now?

My father revolutionarily starting talking to machines over 40 years ago now, long before siri, Alexa and Google Home.

The only problem was the machines didn’t speak back and he looked completely crazy.

People couldn’t understand why someone would repeatedly ask a machine to do things for them. Machines can’t understand you, nor can they do anything except for what they’re programmed to do!

But these same people who thought my old man was crazy, were doing the exact same thing!

We are all constantly talking to the pre-programmed, pre-determined, “brain machine” in our head which works just as mechanically as the old printer my dad would talk to during his nightshift.

Our “brain machine” works by feeding off our old habits and past experiences. It’s constantly re-running scenarios from our childhood, over and over, times of failure and despair, causing us to subconsciously react to situations today with the same demeanour.

Guess what ended up happening to my dad?

Eventually he got the machine to start listening to him,  just as easily you can get your brain machine to start listening to you too.