I’m sure you’ve heard the idea of the Law of Attraction being thrown around by many life coaches and spiritual gurus, but is it all just a bunch of mumbo jumbo?

If you really want something to happen in your life, is it possible to visualise, project, and ultimately manifest everything you want without lifting a finger?

Well, I personally don’t believe you can just wish for something and have that come true while you sit back and relax. I do, on the other hand, see huge advantage in visualising and projecting, as long as doing those things inspire you to take action and execute on what you want to manifest.

Everything is energy, from the moment we have a thought in our mind, to the moment we are actually out there physically working to make that thought or idea a reality.

Over the last decade or two, the idea of seeing everything as energy has really interested me and set me on the path of studying Quantum Physics with some of the world’s leading experts. I had the opportunity to ask many of them their views on the law of attraction and their responses were definitely not what I expected.

Take a look at the video above where I explain what I have learned about the law of attraction, the cosmic influence, and how it is present and affecting your everyday life.