Is your conformity preventing you from living a life that would make you truly happy?


9 out of 10 of my clients claim they’re ready to make huge changes in their lives to get themselves out of the mental, physical, and financial rut they’ve been in, but lot of them get cold feet when it comes to putting their plans into action.

Making the jump from ordinary to extraordinary is extremely difficult when we grow up being taught that stepping outside the square it risky business.

From a young age we’re taught to follow a system. Go to school, pass your tests, get a steady job, start a family, don’t step out of line and definitely don’t do anything that your friends and family might consider a little out of the square, or even a tad crazy.

We’re ingrained from the get go to care far too much about what people think of us, and what they will say about us if we go out on a limb and fail. People around you want you to conform to an ordinary life and not to even think of chasing your more audacious goals.

Screw those people. It’s time to step out of the ordinary way of thinking and start giving life to the extraordinary you. Start exploring your creative side, start hanging around people that radiate confidence, and start tapping into your inner crazy.

To make the transformation from ordinary to extraordinary, you’re going to have to accept that others might start calling you crazy and think you’re losing your mind.

But what sounds crazier to you? Living a pre-programmed life that is completely governed by conformity, or living a life on the fringes of unchartered territory where anything and everything is possible?