Put on your hiking boots and get ready to start climbing life’s mountain!

The problem using this metaphor is people start picturing Everest or Kilimanjaro, when really it’s much simpler than that. Whenever we feel challenged in life we’re quick to let our emotions override our logical thinking and we create an impossible feat ahead of us.

This means your personal belief system is swinging towards the pessimistic side of the spectrum and I want to help you swing it back over to the optimistic, confident, happy side!

As human beings we have been blessed with a super power that has drastically separated us from all other animal species on this earth. That super power is called creativity. We can turn a small seedling of an idea into a world changing piece of technology. From the supercomputer in your pocket, to a telescope which can see light years away.

And this super power doesn’t just let us design and create the external world, it gives us the power to create and become whoever we want internally too. Unfortunately though, like most super powers it can be used for good and for evil. Too many of us use this power to create internal visions of failure, shame, and self doubt, making us too scared to ever wear the cape in our external world.