IF YOU LOVE YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW….Don’t read this!!!

An addiction is when the body does something that the mind doesn’t want to do. Come with me here…..It’s a Saturday evening and your mother-in-law is coming over for dinner. An hour before hand your partner asks you “Can you please be patient with my Mum tonight and not be mean to her?”. To which you declare to yourself silently; “Ok, tonight I won’t be mean to her, in fact I’m not even going to let her bother me”.

You see, it’s your mother-in-law who pushes your emotional buttons. It’s actually her fault that you become a monster. It’s her fault you are angry, not yours. You’re perfect right?

Thirty minutes before she arrives, you are thinking those nasty thoughts again. In fact, you are already in planning phase as you mentally rehearse the onslaught you will bestow on her if she once again comments on the way you are raising your children. Before she is even present in your house, you are already emotional.

This is called an ADDICTION. Your body is now reliving the experience biologically before she is even present. The woman could be in Guatemala City, and your body and mind are thinking and feeling as though she is right on front of. The body has gone against the wishes in your mind, and can’t be controlled.

So, we take her to the edge of the continental shelf (that is not an aisle in Woolworths). We embalm the poor woman in plastic, tie a blacksmiths anvil around her leg….and push the dear lady into the abyss of the ocean…never to be seen again. Problem solved right? The emotional button-pusher is gone forever. You can now breathe a sigh of relief.

WRONG. We got rid of the trigger, but not the ADDICTION. You can guarantee that within one week, your body will be screaming for the same chemical signature that your mother-in-law triggered. The mind will then respond and find another poor innocent victim for you to become emotional about. It might be your next-door neighbour, or even your Mother.

Do we take them back to the ‘shelf’? Repeat the cycle and before you know you are reading about a serial killer being blamed for random disappearances….AND IT’S YOU.

We have addictions for every long-term emotion. When we attempt to break free, we can’t. So, we are out of control. We are no longer in charge of our emotions, our feelings, nor our own lives……….