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How to be a Standout
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Note: It’s a fact, our deflated thoughts affect our biological bodies causing disease, stress, anxiety and depression and inhibit the ability of our creative brain centre to problem solve our problems and transform our lives. This results in living a lesser
life than desired.

How the ‘Machine’
You call ‘You’, Works

It’s a fact that our mindset affects every aspect of our lives. Our mindset stems from our perceptions as our perceptions stem from our beliefs as our beliefs are a consequence of our experiences growing up as children.
Our mindset, the quality of our perceptions about life and more importantly about ourselves, is directly proportionate to the quality of our lives. Our mindset determines our health and the quality of our biological selves. How we think about ourselves determines how people around us respond to us, including our partners, husbands, wives, work colleagues, even our ‘sister-in-law’. They respond to our perceptions. Change your perceptions and all of a sudden people start responding to you differently. Upregulate your perceptions and you influence those around you and how they see you.

Our thinking around our self-worth, and around money, determines how poor we are or how well-off we are. The quality of our thinking affects every single aspect of our lives. When we elevate our perceptions, we elevate our lives. This information is no longer some spiritual mumbo-jumbo. It is pure scientific fact. Thoughts affect reality.

The World Needs You

On a daily basis, millions of people around Australia, Europe and the US access the internet in search of ways to improve their lives, health, wealth or relationships.
The demand is huge as people search for more.
Our mission is to teach, train and create exceptional life coaches worldwide, to connect with the masses of people who are in search of the holy grail of ‘thought’…redefined mindset.
Ray Behan and Antonella Traino have spent decades learning the science behind the mind and body connection. Their years of studying and sharing is helping hundreds of people at their workshops around the world to change their thinking and improve their lives.

Here’s How WE are Doing it.


Think & Grow, with Antonella and Ray, are teaching, training and creating exceptional life coaches around the world, to help hundreds of thousands of people to take control of their minds, their bodies and their lives.

As a trainee coach you will be guided through the training Units and will have access to our team during and after training.

When you have completed the Units and training, you can then use your new found knowledge to mentor your family, friends, and the greater community as you help them improve their lives.

There is a guide below to help you develop your own fee structure should you wish to turn your training with us, into a business.

As a coach and mentor, you will not be required to speak or present at workshops, however if you chose to, public speaking is part of the units in this course. The Unit is called ‘How to Become a Speaker’.

If you chose to only use the training to redesign and improve your life, this course is an excellent fit. But if you then chose to take your new-found training, your new improved life, and your new sense of purpose to a higher level, this course offers everything required to make that happen. We have every possibility covered for you.

What Units are in the ‘Trainee Coaches Program’ ?

Here is an overview of some of the Units
1. Why become a coach?
2. How to turn your knowledge into a business
3. How to become a presenter, if you want to
4. How the mind works
5. How the brain functions
6. How to blow your mind up
7. How to build a new mind
8. How to build a new brain inside and old brain
9. How the body works – Biography to biology
10. How stress causes illness
11. How higher frequencies heal the body
12. How to become a public speaker
13. How to build a database
14. Quantum physics explained
15. How does quantum potential impact my life
16. What is Ephaptic coupling?
17. How do people with no brains function
18. How to build a successful coaching business

Here’s How We’ll Train You


At your pace and from wherever you desire, you can access the
training Units on your personally designed training portal through the
Think & Grow website, trainee members area


You will be invited to all the live webinars to assist you build your
knowledge, improve your life and build your business . If you miss a webinar, we’ll email a copy to you

Skype and Zoom calls

We run live calls through different platforms to teach and educate you. We are always learning, and as we improve our knowledge, we’ll share that with you


As a coach, you will have access our team. We want to make sure you feel supported and connected and part of our team. Communication and support are the foundations to success with this opportunity. We need you, to need us to help others


Coaching Programs

Here is a table of fee’s we advise you to incorporate into your new business once you have completed the training and qualified as an EXCEPTIONAL LIFE COACH in Mindset, Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Health.

Personal Programs

‘THINK your way to a new Mind and Body’

1 hour Sessions…. Charge …. $75 per hour
1 Month package …. 1 Session per week.. Charge ……. $250
3 Month package… 1 session per week.. Charge …… $690
12 Month package … 1 Sessions per week.. Charge… $2490

Your clients will have a series of training videos produced by Ray that they will use as part of their programs. It’s all part of the training units.


THINK your way to a world class Business

Live presentation…1 – 20 Employees…. 4 hours…. $500
Live presentation…1 – 20 Employees…. 8 hours…. $900
Live presentation…1 – 20 Employees…. 2 days…. $1500

Live presentation…21 – 100 Employees…. 4 hours…. $700
Live presentation…21 – 100 Employees…. 8 hours…. $1300
Live presentation…21 – 100 Employees…. 2 days…. $1900

Live presentation…101+ Employees…. 4 hours…. $900
Live presentation…101+ Employees…. 8 hours…. $1500
Live presentation…101+ Employees…. 2 days…. $2200

Your corporate clients will also be offered, as part of their payment to you, a series of follow up videos that will keep them on track, after the ‘Live Presentations’. These fees are only a suggestion. They can be higher. You are encouraged to know that this training and the training that you will be offering, far exceeds any content offered by any other agency in Australia.

Here’s How We’ll Help You Do It

1.  Redraft the plan for your future, by drawing up a clear detailed and inspiring mission statement
2.  Understand the mind and body through simple training videos
3.  Learn how down regulated emotions result in over 81% of hospital admissions
4.  Learn how to identify subconscious hidden down regulated emotions that you carry
5.  Locate the toxic walls of doubt that have held you back for so many years
6.  Break them down, analyse and rebuild them
7.  Learn how to change those emotions and repair the body by accessing the body’s own healing abilities through the release of upgraded chemicals
8.  Recover from years of living in stress
9.  Automate your brain to consciously destress in stressful situations for the rest of your life
10.  Harness the mind and brain’s natural ability to improve all of the areas of your life
11.  Learn cutting edge science about the mind body connection all delivered in a simple and relatable way
12.  Learn how to read and use the brain frequency EEG’s (electroencephalographs)
13.  Master your mind and then master your life
14.  Set up personalised individualised goals


15.  If you would love to go down the rabbit hole, there will be Units available on quantum physics and quantum phenomena.

This training at this level is cutting-edge and is not available in most countries in the world. We are the leaders in this field of mindset, consciousness and quantum physics. We are training new leaders all over the world right now, and the world needs you.

Online Training Units

There are 11 Life Elements with 4 Levels of training per Element

1. Training will take 2 hours per week for 6 months.
2. You can do the training faster if you chose by doing more hours per week
3. You will have 3 workbooks.

Workbook 1 
‘Life’s Mission Statement;’ and is supported with 44 short videos
Workbook 2
is on the Mind, Meditation and accessing the body’s natural healing chemicals.
Workbook 3
is on the Creative Brain Centre and learning how to hand your future over to the part of the brain that knows how to create, problem solve, goal set and achieve.

For those who launch their coaching business, we have included “How to Build a Successful Coaching Business” as part of the training.

We will promote new coaches by including them on the Think and Grow Platforms.

Insight 2050 Elements

This program will be delivered to you one video at a time. Each video focuses on one area of life at a time. As the video training is being accessed, you will go through higher levels, across all eleven elements of life. Each video will direct you to your 214 page ‘Life Planner’. As you complete a video you will be referred to the ‘Life Planner’ to complete the relevant section which will help you get clear on your mission, your passion and your purpose. This is an excellent training and mission statement program.

Here’s How you Start your Training

1. Start with the Insight 2050 Program
2. Download the Insight 2050 workbook and print a copy
3. Place the copy in a hard folder. This book is your life’s statement so you will have it for life. Look after it. It is your guiding light
4. Undertake and complete 2 Levels of one Element per week (it’s explained in the portal)

Do you know you have the ability to be great? Because we know you do.

Antonella and Ray
the entire world class team at Think & Grow