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20th – 22nd November 2020




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“I’m Antonella Traino and in 2016 I was literally one day from death and I had to change my state of being ‘right now’. I had to learn to use the power of my mind to heal my body and heal my life. Changing my mind has changed everything for me and about me”.

At this Advanced Workshop, you’ll become familiar with the brain and its ability to change not only ‘itself’, but your life also.


You’ll learn the true power of meditation and its ability when used a certain way, to locate old beliefs, replace them with new beliefs about you, your life and your dreams.


You’ll become permanently inspired about your life ahead as you literally rewrite the canvas of your future.


You’ll get to use the latest scientific technology in measuring and monitoring brain wave activity.

Who is the Intensity

Workshop for?

Statistically, most people live a life ‘lesser’ than they feel they deserve. This is a reality. This reality has been the norm for centuries. But that’s all changing now and it’s changing through science. Scientifically it is a proven fact that our thoughts affect the reality that we call ‘our lives’. Most people live with stress thoughts on a daily basis. 90% of doctors’ visits today are due to stress. 80% of ER admissions are stress related. We are literally able to think ourselves to illness, sadness, destructive relationships and nancial wilderness. Our health is affected by our de ated thoughts as are other areas such as our relationships, our nances, our careers, our passion, our purpose as well as the lives of our children and partners.

The question is then, if we can elevate our thoughts and make that permanent, can we elevate our lives permanently? The answer is an absolute scientifically proven YES. We live in the most prosperous time in the history of our planet. Today, there are an abundance of opportunities that we can tap into. Its almost as though the universe is a catalogue of opportunities and because of that, people like you and I want more. We want a better relationship, more life, better health, more money to do inspiring things AND we want purpose through passion. The days of accepting less than we deserve are all but gone. We have choices now. But to take those choices we must make changes and for most people change is difficult. But so too is living a de ated life. Yet even with an abundance of opportunities in the most amazing time in history, as well as living in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, people are still living a half-lived life.

The workshop is for people who want more in life
Feel a low sense of self-worth… …and would love to raise it
Know that life has more to offer…. …and are ready to be taken by the hand, step by step to open up more possibilities
Have a low sense of importance on the planet …and are open to feeling that they matter, they count and they are important
Know that their beliefs cause every one of their issues …and are sick and tired of the same-old-same-old and are now ready to change
Want to overcome their limited way of thinking …and are ready to challenge their thinking
People who are ready to enhance their Finances
Money is energy and energy is emotion. Money can cause a negative emotion and ‘push’ money away
… by changing your emotion around money will have an affect on the emotion ‘push’ you’ve experienced, and with no ‘push’ there can only be ‘pull’.
Money affirmations
… affirmations are only momentary and exist at the moment of the affirmation. By embedding a positive money affirmation into the brain’s architecture as a belief, the affirmation becomes a permanent belief and then our money beliefs change. What you then believe, you can then create.
People who want to get clear on their Vocation

Many people are not clear on WHAT they want to do in life

… through meditation you will connect with your heart center and finally you’ll see your purpose as though its for the first time. Hence the expression “listen to your heart”. The answer is in there. It always has been

Many people aren’t aware of WHO they want to be in life

… meditation will connect you with your true, loving, magnificent, amazing ‘self’, and the answer is found in that moment of ‘meeting yourself for the first time’.

People who want better Health

Growth illnesses

…by focusing on feeding the body with its own internal pharmacy of healing chemicals we start to “FEEL” better as the body improves its self from the inside out


…it is now known that there is no cancer gene, none. It takes 12 genes to ‘mis fire’ to create cancer. We now know that we can think ourselves to illness. Therefore, we can also ‘think’ ourselves to wellness?


… by changing the thoughts that lead to depression we can inspire the body to want to live more life


… anxiety is a neurological reflection of a habitual way of thinking. Change the thoughts and you change the chemical and you change the feeling

Motor neurone disease (neurodegenerative disorders)

… the science is clear. Your body has the innate ability to heal and repair itself, you just need to tap in and explore the abilities you harness inside.


… people have been healing their bodies by changing their addictions through ‘thought’ to the lifestyle that caused the illness in the first place

Heart disease

… the heart is the pump that suffers from the thoughts of stress. Research speaks for itself and proves that you can reverse damage through meditation

Blood pressure

…we are the only creature on the planet who can think ourselves into a state that affects our blood pressure. Research shows that you can reverse this by raising your frequency and changing how you deal emotionally with life’s difficulties.

There are 4 types of diseases.

1. Infectious
2. Deficiency
3. Genetic diseases

4. Physiological

… all of which can be influenced through meditation.

People who want to attract or improve their Relationship Here are the top issues in relationship;

Stress in people affects relationships

… find inspiration to love yourself and so too will others


… our partners respect us to the same level that we EMOTIONAL- LY respect ourselves. When we change the emotion, we change the respect


… if you feel unworthy of being rewarded financially, life will respond to you accordingly. When you change your mindset, life again responds to the new ‘mind’, and then you can create a har- monious relationship and build your abundant life together with your partner.

Insecurity and trust

… your low feelings in these areas most likely came from your guardians as you grew up. So, its indoctrinated and therefore its now internal.

Meditation and tapping into that brain center can realign these beliefs and then your relationship improves

Struggling with relationship problems

… as an adult, you will deal with your problems in a way that has been engrained into you through your experiences. Your parents’ traits are still apparent in you. Through a form of meditation, you can elevate these traits and therefore elevate your relationship

Arguing to problem solve

… its now proven that arguing in relationships is a nurtured strat- egy that the brain adopts to deal with situations. By tapping into that brain region through a form of meditation, you can change the habitual way you have been ‘trained’ to solve your relation- ship problems. You can then improve your relationship


… women love to feel connected and do their partner through touch and talk. Men are not great communicators and this causes an absence in the heart. Meditating to connect with your heart center will change the vibration in a relationship and lead to a more open environment and better communication

3 Day Workshop

What Happens During The Workshop?



Evening introductory session starting at 7pm


An explanation of beliefs and how they hardwire themselves


A deeper exploration of pineal gland


Followed by a mind opening meditation


Receive your Advanced Workbook



Training in brainwave frequency


A deeper meditation focusing on limiting beliefs


Discovering who you “were”



Collapsing limiting beliefs


Permanently shifting long-term emotional addictions


Building your 30-year vision


Setting a pathway to connect with your new group for life

‘When we raise our frequency, we buy our lives back’

A Clear Understanding of what to Expect

at the Intensity


The Mechanic Analogy

The brain loves new information because it can form new beliefs. To give the brain its ‘need’ for information, is best done using stories and analogy’s. The brain loves analo- gies. We’ll use the ‘Mechanics Analogy’ to better explain the sheer power of the Intensity Workshop. In our brain, we have an engine room or a control center. This control center is made up of ‘parts’ from our neurological center, (the brain) and our biological center (the body), just as an engine needs parts such as alternator and pistons. We have parts also. When a car has a ‘clink’ in the engine, it may shudder, or fail to start. It might blow smoke, or stall for some unknown reason. So, we take it to the mechanic who tells us that we have an issue with the ignition signal, and this one small issue, in a tiny tiny part of a very complex engine, is affecting the performance of the entire vehicle.The mechanic tells us that he has completed a full diagnostic report on the car,

and everything else is ne. “It’s like new” he tells us. We then realize that a small problem with a small part, is affecting the performance of the entire car. Had we not brought the car to the mechanic, then the problem with the ignition would have eventually affected other parts of the car. Eventually the fuel ow would be affected, which would have an effect on another part and so on, until the car breaks down completely, and eventually its “off the road for a week”. But some people keep driving their ‘car’ (their body and mind) because its “too expensive to x right now”, or they don’t have the time to take it to the mechanic”, and they wait for the car to break down completely. Some try to x it themselves, but it never really works. They wait for disaster before they act. Some are ‘lucky’ enough to be able to keep driv- ing the ‘car’ for years with the same problem but it’s an uncomfortable ride, the car is unreliable and they are always worried about the day it will break down and leave them stranded on the side of the road. Or take it to the workshop. Four ways to deal with the problem, only one way to solve it….’bring it to the mechanic’ When people have problems in their lives, whether they are health, relationship, wealth, career, vocation passion, purpose problems and so on, it means there is a ‘click’ in the engine. There are four ways to deal with the ‘click’ or the ‘issue’. .


Keep driving un l other parts get affected and then deal with the problem


Keep driving through, year in and year out knowing there is something wrong but ignoring it as we struggle through the issues.


Fix it themselves


Deal with the issue now, avoid disaster and improve all the other areas and allow our lives to func on to their most magni cence in all areas. Take it to the mechanics workshop.

The moment we recognize that we have issues and stop hiding behind our masks, we feel an amazing sense of relief. In that moment, its like a whole weight has been lifted. Right then, we are on a path to xing the ‘click’, and allowing the amazing mind and body that we have to work.

What science is used

at the workshop?

EEG Technology

 The brain emits a frequency which can be measured using EEG’s. (electroencephalographs). Utilizing this technology, we can allow the participants to see how a brain functions and to ‘see’ how our brains have blocks.

By participating as either a subject (yes, we can strap an EEG on to you at the work- shop) or by seeing other people utilize the technology, you will see how amazing the brain is at being inspired, and how amazing the brain is at BLOCKING your creative brain center.

The moment you experience the actual functioning of the brain, its like YOU become the mechanic. Now you not only are changing your mind to change your life but you are becoming the master, by mastering your master….your brain.

Knowledge is the precursor to change and through knowledge you will change your life.

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics is the play and display of potential. In other words, from a ‘quantum’ perspective, there are more opportunities open to us than we ‘allow’ ourselves to experience. In fact, from a quantum perspective, there are in nite possibilities available to us.

From the in nite possibilities open to us, we have chosen the life we currently live. The question therefore is….is there more available to us that we have experienced in the past? The answer is YES.


Epigenetics is the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off. What does that mean? Well, if you are new to this whole thing, we rst need a quick crash course in biochemistry and genetics before learning exactly what is epigenetics:

• Cells are fundamental working units of every human being. All the instructions required to direct their activities are contained within the chemical deoxyribonu- cleic acid, also known as DNA.

• DNA from humans is made up of approximately 3 billion nucleotide bases. There are four fundamental types of bases that comprise DNA – adenine, cytosine, gua- nine, and thymine, commonly abbreviated as A, C, G, and T, respectively.

• In uence – The functioning of these genes and more importantly ‘how they act’ is in uenced massively by our THOUGHTS. Yep, our thinking affects our genes. Epi, means beyond, so epigenetics means ‘beyond the genes. Because of the in uence we have on our genes, we know that our thoughts can make us ill. Therefore, if our thoughts can make us ill, can they also make an ill body well. The answer is an absolute ‘yes’. At the workshop, we spend ample time with a clear intentional focus on the bodies ability to heal itself.


The brain is engrossed by new information. That’s why we sit and listen intently as our mum tells us of the latest family scandal involving our aunt and uncle. We get so engrossed in the story that nothing else matters. Why? Because the brain is so addicted to the input of new information even if its bad news involving a family scandal. When information is absorbed by the brain it deals with that information the same way, whether or not the information arrives from the external (situations and events from outside the body) or from the internal (situations and events from inside…in other words…from thoughts). So, to the brain, the response is the same whether the information is real, or imagined. When the brain receives information, it sends a message to the body to let the body know what the brain is thinking. The body then initiates a set of actions in response to the message. So, if the brain ‘sees’ a bear running at us, it sends a message to the body. The body then initiates a set of actions and before you know it, you are running like a greyhound.

When a thought is generated, the brain sends a message to the body and again the sequence is repeated. In other words, the brain activity can be ‘imagined’ and your brain will still send a message to the body as though the event is real. In other words, to the brain there is no difference between what’s happening on the outside or what is being ‘thought’ of on the inside. That means it is easy to trick the brain.

When we meditate, at a particular level, in a particular way, following a particular sequence, we can convince the brain and the body that an event is already taking place, even though we are only ‘thinking’ about it. Once the body gets the message from the brain telling it that an event has already taken place, as far as the body is concerned, there is no more need for doubt, for fear, for low self-worth and so on. In mediation, we can activate a particular brain region, to activate a particular sequence to convince the brain and body that we are more capable than before.

We can convince the ‘brain-body-duo’, that our relationship is magnificent, even if it is noT. We can convince the ‘duo’ that we are abundant with money, even if we are not. We can convince the ‘duo’ that we are living healthy and well even if we are not. And because we can convince the body that we are abundant, there is no more need for it to ACT broke. Because we convince it in meditation that we are living in a loving inspiring relationship, it starts to act as though its in that relationship, and this is why relationships improve for those who do this meditation.

Because we can convince the body that it is well, a ow of life enhancing chemicals is produced to bring the body back to wellness, and we start to heal. Thanks to cutting edge science and institutions such as The HeartMath Institute in Boulder California, and the University of Quantum Physics in Arizona, we now know, that this is no longer mumbo jumbo. This is now pure proven scientific fact.

Is this private?

We fully understand, appreciate and endorse your need for privacy. Your discussions are not disclosed. Honesty, trust and integrity are a highest value to Antonella, Ray and their amazing team.

why meditation?

The brain has it own ‘pharmaceutical factory’ housed in the Limbic Brain. This brainregion produces chemicals. The body needs the chemicals of wellness delivered daily,but sadly we feed it more chemicals of stress. At the workshop, we reverse engineer this, to allow you more life.

What Meditation

is Known to do?

The Cause And the Effect
Activates the cerebellum…. ….this switches off the analytical brain where all of our old beliefs are stored
Deactivates the ‘thinking’ brain… ….allows us to feed new thoughts and new ideas into the brain as long-term experiences (new thoughts, new outcomes and a new life)
Activates the Limbic brain ….gets the brain ready to produce chemicals
A new inspired thought is raised…. ….Limbic brain produces serotonin. Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter. It has a popular image as a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. It is responsible for modulating cognition”, reward, learning, memory, and numerous physiological processes.
Serotonin is then sent to the body… …we start to feel good
Hypothalamus produces Oxytocin… … known as the ‘love’ chemical Oxytocin is sent to the body and we start to fall in love with life again
Our brain frequency is raised…. …. brain works exceptionally well at 72 hertz (sickness starts at 58 hertz, cancer at 42 hertz, onset of death at 25 hertz)
Biological and neurological changes… …. the body is addicted to inspiration as the brain is addicted to information. With new inspiration and inspiring information, we stop being a ‘junkie’ to our limited past lives and become a ‘junkie’ to our new inspired lives.

What Support do I Receive During the Workshop?

Antonella and Ray work one-on-one with every individual. They are committed toensuring that you master your emotions, buy your life back, and enhance the most important areas of life, so that you fall in love with ‘you’, your life, your body, your mind, your relationship and all facets of life…. all over again.

In Ray’s words ‘It’s like meeting yourself for the first time and falling in love with ‘you'”

A support team are brought in to allow Antonella and Ray to focus primarily on ‘you’.  For that reason, the workshops are limited to a small number of attendees depending on the support team numbers.

It’s important to book early to secure your seat.

What Support will I Receive After the Workshop?

A message from Antonella and Ray:

“After the INTENSITY 3 Day Heart, Healing and Inspiration Workshop, we know that you are going to want to stay connected with us forever.  We know that you will have questions as time goes by and more importantly, you will want to feel supported.  You will want to feel that you have a place to turn to for support, and a place to ‘fall’ if life starts to get in the way again.  We know this. We decided some time back, to give every one of our guests, people like you, an opportunity to stay in touch, just as like-minded friends would.  So, we created a friendship group that meets regularly specifically for people like you who are on the same journey as us.  After the workshop, when you feel more inspired than ever, the adventure is only beginning… so let’s ride this wave together through the weeks, months and years.”

As part of your attendance at the workshop, you will receive membership to the;

Inner Circle – Insight 2050 closed Facebook Group.

Our Team will email or SMS you notifications to the regular meetings where you’ll communicate with Antonella and Ray live, no matter where you are in the world.

If you miss a meeting, we’ve got that covered too.  We’ll record it for you, and send you a copy.  We’ve got it sorted for you.

Has this Changed Lives and will it Change Mine?

Antonella had to use her mind to heal not only her body, but her life. Ray had to make a decision to change his brain function because there was no medication available to do that. He had no choice. It was either suffer, or ‘do’. The science behind the power of the mind is now unrefutably proven. The mind has more ability than we ever imagined. Collectively, Antonella and Ray have changed thousands of lives. The new science, is changing millions of lives and its happening right now, as you read this text.

WOMEN – The Shift

From birth through to teenage years and then into adulthood, women ‘believe’ that the must hand themselves over, and that the ‘handing-myself-over’, is how life is meant to be.

They believe that they must put family and partners rst. They believe that they must hand back their own dreams and support their partners, before their own. Then the children arrive and it starts all over again. They end up with a feeling that everyone else is more important than them, and this soon becomes a habitual norm for them. Soon, they are no longer in the; moment’ and end up in the mystery…lost.

In a study released in 2010 known as ‘The Moment that Turned your Values Upside Down’ a group of women were studied over a lifetime and questioned about their values. Then before and after a ‘moment of awakening’ or a Quantum Shift (when we shift from one reality to another), women’s values changed considerably, as they raised their self-worth, and their lives changed.

For women experiencing a quantum shift, it doesn’t mean that they ignore those around them. It means that we raise their own self-awareness so that they don’t ‘forget the messages from their heart’.

Values before the shift Values after the shift
Family Personal growth
Sense of independence Self esteem
Career Sense of spirituality
Fitting in Happiness
Being attractive Generosity

After a shift, its not only ‘you’ who will have had this amazing experience, but your children, as you start to tell them new things about life, values and opportunities. The question is, what would it mean to you to have such as shift, and would it greatly improve what you teach your children.

MEN – The Shift

In the same study, a group of men were studied over a lifetime.

Values before the shift Values after the shift
Wealth and making money Spirituality (prior it was very low on the list)
Sense of adventure Personal peace
Sense of achievement Family
Personal pleasure God’s will
To be respected Honesty

It doesn’t mean that money was no longer important. What it means is that money owed when they surrendered to their more universal values as they raised their self-worth, and self-respect, and disengaged from the high stress emotions of money.

Can I bring some of my family?

Absolutely. We want nothing more than for you and your partner to enjoy the magnifi cence of loving and living your lives with the power of inspiration.

As our guest you can bring along your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, spouse or defacto. We will give you a free ticket to bring along your partner. If your partner doesn’t want to attend, you can bring along one of your own children over the age of 15.

Why I Should Do this Now

We have an immense amount of ability all wrapped up in a ‘bag’ of life that we call ‘us’.
But we have been indoctrinated with a set of beliefs that are both life enhancing such as ‘go out and make money’, but equally soul destroying. The more soul-destroying beliefs we carry, the lower the quality of our relationships, our health, our wealth and our lives. Limited beliefs have a silent voice that comes from deep within and all originated from when we were told by others that;
“Life can be dif cult”
“You’re not good enough”
“You’re not good at following through”
“You are no good at making things happen”
“Nobody cares about you”
“Nobody will listen to you”
“Why would anybody like you?”
“You’re not worth it”
“Money doesn’t grow on trees”
“We don’t have the money for that”

“Where do you think we are going to get the money from?”
“You’re stupid”
“You’re no good”
“If you succeed, it won’t last for long”
“If you don’t get a great education, you won’t have a great life”
“Watch out for people and don’t trust them”

“Get a ‘9 to 5’ job, because everything else is too difficult The list goes on. Every limited belief has a story behind it, and we fall for the story.Now our stories form part of our neural landscape, they are embedded into the brains geographical landscape.

That means, somebody put them there. If they have been ‘placed’ in our beliefs, then they can be REPLACED.
What will your life be like when you REPLACE your story? How much will it improve your love for your life? How will your relationship blossom? What powerful effect will it add to your financial world? How will your health blossom again as you buy your life back?

Before your shift your story After you shift your story
Happiness comes from the outside Happiness always starts on the inside
Helping others is my duty Helping others is my blessing
I’ll get hurt if I remove the mask and show my real self I’m hurting myself more by building these walls
Being overweight means I’m defective. I’m of little value My weight has absolutely nothing to do with my inherent power
All love has to be earned Divine love isn’t earned, its infinite
Money is difficult to find in abundance Abundance flows to those who know their own self worth

Every belief can change and when it does your life will change accordingly. Your circumstances don’t make your life into what it is right now…its your beliefs that are responsible. The body, just like the brain emits a frequency. The body’s frequency is pivotal to our wellness. When our frequency lowers, our organs are affected which causes our health issues. When our frequency lowers due to negative thoughts, we active 1400 damag- ing chemicals that deplete our immune system and make us vulnerable to disease. We also deactivate the creative brain center, the very center responsible for goal set- ting, problem solving and achieving.


Frequencies Ranges of the Human Body

Brain Frequency 72 to 90 hertz
Body in the day time 62 to 68 hertz
Cold Symptoms 58 hertz
Flu Symptoms 57 hertz
Candida 55 hertz
Cancer 42 hertz
On set of death 25 hertz
Processed food 0 hertz
Fresh herbs 20 to 27 hertz
Essential Oils 52 to 320 hertz

About The Speakers

Antonella Traino

Antonella is a Mindset Educator, Speaker, Qualified Counsellor and Trained Facilitator of The Demartini Method and has studied human behavior, psychology and personal growth for over twenty years.

She has studied and worked with some of the masters of personal development and teachers of conscious evolution. She has assisted at world class retreats and has facilitated people break through their self-limiting beliefs and perceptions. Antonella currently works with individuals to turn their lives around. She has a great passion for mindset, quantum physics, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology and stepping outside the boundaries of what mainstream culture tells us.

Ray Behan

Ray suffered a head injury at 7 years old, and then went on to suffer years of mental abuse at the hands of the Christian Brothers. As a consequence, he developed temporal lobe epilepsy, and was eventually placed on medication for life. Studying quantum physics and the power of the brain to heal and change the body, Ray put all of his years of study and knowledge into practice. He followed a strict regime of wellness and meditation. One day he felt he had conquered the epilepsy and stopped taking his medication. He then underwent a sleep deprived EEG scan only to be told that there was no evidence of any more damage.

Ray is the ‘Man Who Changed His Brain’. He had gone through a quantum shift. Ray went on to study quantum physics, quantum mechanics, quantum phenomenon, mindset and consciousness with scientists from the Heart Math Institute in Boulder, California. He went on to develop a strategy called ‘An Affirmation Experience’ based on scientific research from the greatest scientists in human psychology. Today, he teaches people that same life changing process.

Do you THINK you are awesome?

We do too!