The reason you’re not financially independent…

If you have been to school, be scared, be real scared. If you have kids in school, you’d better shake in your boots, wake up and crap yourself. You better do some serious ‘home schoolin’ real FAST.

A recent study showed that 80% of school leavers had lost their ‘creativity’ at the time they left school, as well as most of their confidence. Now the school system will scream aloud that, they are ‘doing a great job’, ‘kids today are smarter than they were years ago’. So if the school system is so effective, how come our kids are not learning to have an entrepreneurial mindset, to be great achievers no matter what their grades, to learn how to save, manage money, be wealth creators, pursue their dreams, lead, plan, set goals, have drive, be motivated. Most school leavers will tell you that getting a ‘9 to 5 job’, ‘working for the man’, ‘working your finger to the bone’ is GOOD. Thats crap!

That’s not good , that’s survival. Survival is bobbing up and down in the water, never quite drowning but never reaching the green fields and pasture. Now I know teachers, and I’ve had teachers, and they stick to the curriculum and in that regard they do it well. I get that. But for frig sake, shouldn’t we all wake up and see where the system is designed to keep you and your kids in survival mode.

Do you remember looking at your children when they were born and wanting nothing more, than for them to be great. Then we put them in school at 5 years old CAUSE THE SYSTEM TELLS US TO, and we leave them there for 13 years to become chant memorisers so they can memorise answers for exam sheets. No wonder they can’t change their ways and become wealth creators. They have been indoctrinated for 13 years. Try changing that, bet you wish you could.

This system is designed to keep you limited. AND IT WORKED SO WELL WE ALL MISSED IT. The system needs to be truthful with us. We should be greeted on our first day at school with “Hi little Johnny, welcome to school, I’m here to $%^&* you up”..