My great mentor recently said to me “If I put you in a room with a vicious dog, the dog will eventually emerge from the room….and you won’t. Because alone we are weak”.

This really impacted me, as I reflected on how vulnerable we are in an ‘alone moment’. He continued in his counselling of me and said “yet we can take that very same man, and place him in a community of people who have decided to conquer the solar system”

This community, we call NASA. Together they hatch a plan, and as part of the journey they are about to embark on, they know there will be failures. Rockets may blow up, structures may fail, so they plan for the disaster, because they know its not all going to be ‘good’, ‘good’, ‘good’. He kept talking, “this group of people have conquered the solar system”. How did they do that he explained? Because together we are powerful but alone, we are weak.

Now I have to tell you that I thought LONG AND HARD before deciding to put up this video, as a weekly video. So, let me explain why I made the decision. As a coach and mentor to thousands over the years, I have come across a mass of people who have wandered into their futures, broke. They are broke because they took on the responsibilities alone, just like the man in the room with the dog.

However, in my years of coaching, I have come across a group who wandered into their futures, with enough money to live inspired, to travel when they want to, to eat when and where they chose, and to enjoy the catalogue of possibilities that the universe offers. I want you to come into that moment with me in this present time. Just allow your mind to wander with me as I bring you into the future, here we go…

Just imagine yourself 10 years from now. In that future, you haven’t created a nest egg, you are living week to week, pay check to pay check, or pension to pension. You didn’t plan when you should have and you didn’t act when you could have, and now its all too late. What does that feel like right now? Ok, so lets change that feeling, and let’s explore the POSSIBILITIES THAT ARE OPEN TO YOU RIGHT NOW.

Lets ‘go back to the future’, in this moment. It’s 10 years down the road. Your wealth is above average. You have spent the last 10 years planning AND ACTING in accordance. Your net worth has grown because you determined that you’d never allow yourself to be a ‘financial survivor’.

Now let me bring you back to today. In this moment, you have two choices and both will determine the quality of your future. Here are the choices:

1. You ignore acting outside the square, because stepping outside the square, and doing the things you are afraid of, is uncomfortable. So, you fall for that illusion, and you just keep dreaming as you wander into the field of ‘Wishes and Wants and Hopes’. You keep doing the same old same old, because reflecting on and acting on the future is uncomfortable. So, you do ‘no-thing’, expecting ‘some-thing’ to happen but it doesn’t. Then your future arrives, and so too does the discomfort.

2. The second choice means that you have to plan your future, reflect on the financial inevitably of you acting in accordance with the planning. You step outside your comfort zone. Its feels weird, uncomfortable, and often scary. But you know it’s right. Eventually you wander into your future, and everything is in order. You have literally built a mini empire. You can do what you want, go to where you want, and do it when you want. Now HOW DOES THIS FEEL, right now?

I want you to reflect now on what you can do to build your future. My suggestion…. reach out and send us an email asking us how you can start. We’ll get back to you, because we know it’s important to you. We know YOU are important.