Is it Possible to Eliminate Your Mortgage in 36 Months… Not 25 Years?

Give me 8 hours, and I’ll show you how to use Google Earth to…

Spot opportunities like this…

and carve them up into chunks of cash like this…and pay off your mortgage

Via a unique system that allows you to see what others don’t, so you can grow your wealth without ownership…

That’s right…

Without a bank loan, deposit or savings.
Without equity needed in your house.
Without savings or serviceability.
Without increasing your income.
Without paying for stamp duty.

Eliminate Your Mortgage Event

Saturday 30th November 2019

Quest Innaloo

1 Sunray Drive, Innaloo

9am-5pm (registrations from 8.45am)

Make no mistake about it – with APRA cracking down, tight lending and soaring property prices, there is perhaps no better way to remove all limitations and grow your wealth via property in the next 36 months.

From Ray Behan, Tuesday, 12:02pm

I predict 98 percent of people who land on this page won’t attend this free event because it sounds too good to be true.

Yes, even though Kathy Smith from Perth used this strategy to make $104,000.00 within one year with none of her own money and without borrowing from a bank…

Even though Steve Thomas from Melbourne used this strategy to sign up a 77-lot subdivision with just $100 down…

Even though Michael Kacarovski from Sydney now has three very profitable deals under his belt…

Even though Steve Hopkins from Perth netted $40,000.00 on his first deal after overcoming a great deal of scepticism the first time he heard of my approach…

And even though Jess Desantis form Melbourne now has used this approach to build a property portfolio, buy a business and help her husband leave his high-pressure job…

Almost everyone thinks it’s impossible. Yet my clients are doing it on a weekly basis. How about you…

Are You Ready to Break All the Rules and
Discover a New Property Paradigm?

Or Will You Keep Behaving as if
‘The Earth is Flat?’

It’s a serious question. It took 1800 years after Aristotle made the claim, for Ferdinand Magellan to successfully travel around the earth in 1519-1521…

For people to finally accept the new paradigm of a round earth.

It’s hard to change someone’s view about anything, even when it’s failing miserably.

That’s why I’m running a LIVE brand new FREE 1 Day ‘How to Eliminate Your Mortgage in 36 Months, Not 25 Years’ Workshop.

Truth is, the current approach is failing us.

Think about it: at almost every BBQ in the country, people are talking about property investing. It’s a national obsession, up there with cricket, rugby league and AFL. Yet despite that, this is what the actual statistics look like, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics…

That’s right, just 5.8 percent of property investors own more than two properties.

There is a better way.

You don’t have to spend your life paying off debts.

You don’t have to scrimp and save.

You don’t have to be constantly at the mercy of the banks.

To prove it, I’ve created a program that’s so simple anyone can follow it. Something which I could 100% guarantee would work for anyone if they just applied the steps properly. Yes, I’m referring to… 

The “Eliminate Your Mortgage in 36 Months, Not 25 Years” Workshop

Every Single Thing You Need to Know to Create ‘Chunk Deals’ to Pay off Your Mortgage Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible… and Grow Your Wealth Predictably via my ‘McDonald’s’ Principle

This event is unlike any you’ve ever attended. Why? Because you’ll discover how a small group of underground investors are defying the odds and…

  • Securing millions of dollars in property, without bank loans.
  • Outbidding others in competitive markets, without a deposit.
  • Generating cash to pay off their mortgage, instead of buying and holding.

What’s more, you’ll be handed a proven, foolproof plan so you walk away with complete certainty about how to get started…

So you don’t have to waste time, effort and money trying to figure things out for yourself (or blow your savings on ‘dud’ properties that produce zero returns (or worse still, losses).

Quite frankly, it’s the ultimate strategy for today’s market. Especially since…

If You’re Worried About Running out of Money When You Retire, I’ll Show You How to Potentially Replace Your Income With Just 3 Properties


That’s right. I’ll also walk you through exactly where and how to buy these 3 properties to set yourself up so you’re not worried about your superannuation running out in retirement.

Imagine that…

  • Quickly paying off your home
  • Enjoying 4-6 weeks of holidays a year
  • Sending your kids to the best school
  • Buying a holiday home
  • Spoiling your partner with their dream car
  • Or quitting your day job and spend more time doing what you love

And still having all the money you need when you retire.

It can be done, make no mistake about it. Join us to discover everything you need to know to dramatically increase your wealth from property, so you can retire any time you want, without relying on anyone ever again.

And don’t worry…

I Have Skin in the Game – I Won’t Recommend
Anything I am Not Actually Doing Myself


I’ll even show you how to follow in my footsteps, using the exact same strategy Hungry Jacks uses with McDonald’s to shortcut the learning process…

And I don’t teach this program for a living. It’s not my primary source of income. So if you don’t choose to listen it won’t make much of a difference to me.

That means, I’m not going to say anything simply to get you to believe what I say – and everything will be backed up with case studies and real proof.

Regardless, here’s…


What We Cover at The Event

Why you don’t need 30, 20 or even 10 properties to build wealth. You can achieve financial freedom with just 3-4… It’s all about picking the right ones, and I’ll show you how it’s done.


orange-checkHow to uncover the next boom – suburbs.  Get in there first and then watch on with a huge smile on your face as everyone else rushes in, pushing prices sky high.

orange-check1 dead-simple property deal you can make for no money down and profit a cool $30k each and every time.

orange-checkWhy only 4% of properties are capable of giving you the returns you need to achieve financial freedom. This is why most investors fail, but in this workshop you’ll be shown exactly what those cash-rich properties are and where to find them.

orange-checkHow to master the mindset of a property millionaire by eliminating the fears that hold 99% of investors back. Crack the “wealth code” and you’ll finally be able to enjoy the retirement of which you’ve always dreamed.

orange-checkThe only type of property you should buy – and the ones you should avoid at all costs.

orange-checkHow a crippling lack of supply means houses in certain (very specific) areas are set to soar in value in the next 10 years – and how you can jump in before it happens!

orange-checkThe exact strategy you should be using depending on your age, finances and goals (get this right and you could retire years earlier than planned!).

orange-checkHow to quickly eliminate all of your debt, including your mortgage, car loan, credit cards and personal loans.

orange-checkA sneaky way to check out the merits of a potential deal without paying a cent (I’ll show you how to access thousands of dollars’ worth of property research, totally free).

orange-checkWhy your age, qualifications or background mean nothing when it comes to creating wealth.

orange-checkWhy your financial situation is never, ever as bad as you think, and how you can turn it around quickly – critical information if you’re living pay-cheque to pay-cheque.

orange-checkThe real reason you see people come out of nowhere and suddenly own multi-million dollar portfolios. They’re not lucky, they followed a system. Read on to discover how you could be next.

Who Should Attend This Event?

Those smart enough to realize that a superannuation fund or pension is nowhere near enough to rely on in retirement.


orange-checkSuper ambitious people wanting to amass enormous wealth in the next decade.

orange-checkAnyone who simply wants to retire early and do whatever they choose out of inspiration, not desperation.

orange-checkAnyone who wants to build wealth from property, but is confused or unsure about the best way to do it.

Meet Your Speakers

Ray Behan

Hi, my name’s Ray Behan, and before I discovered how to build wealth from property, I was an electrician, struggling to make ends meet in Ireland.

My job was a real hard slog. I wanted something more. I wanted something better. So I did something crazy.

I packed my bags and left for Australia at the age of just 24.

But not before I attended a property talk very similar to this one – where I met a man who took me aside and showed me how the rich do it.

So when I hit Australian soil in the 1990’s, with no qualifications and no job, I went to work finding very “particular” types of property which delivered huge growth and heaps of cashflow.

In a matter of years I had done millions of dollars in property deals – and I was set up for life. And I’m absolutely convinced there’s no better time for you to copy what I did.

If you’d like to discover my step-by-step 60k per year property blueprint that will allow you to amass significant wealth in the next 10 years and set you up for life, then go ahead and reserve your spot at “Eliminate Your Mortgage in 36 Months, Not 25 Years”  Workshop now – before all the places are filled.

Sean Rasmussen

Recognised as one of the top 10 internet marketers in the world by  ‘Social Media Presence’, Sean Rasmussen has one mission at this event: to show you how to use technology to take the complexity and frustration out of investing in property, so it’s as easy as falling off a log. 

And you’re in good hands. Sean was recently approached by a Silicon Valley company to bring a ground-breaking technology to Australia that you’ll be learning about at the event.

With Sean’s proprietary system, every single friction point has been removed from the property investing process – so you can start seeing results faster than has previously been possible.

For instance, one of our client’s applied it to literally find a property within a 7 day period and now has a 75 Lot subdivision under his belt, with no money down. At this event, Sean will show you why the same results are possible for you.

What You Learn Will Change Your Life
Forever, as it Has for Many Others

So please don’t look at this as some sort of “day off.”

This will be the most intense eight hours of your life, and you must be prepared to take pages and pages of notes. You can rest assured the information will come thick and fast.

And it’s my experience that by revealing so much I might just answer a burning question that was holding you back, or give you the one piece of the puzzle that other educators missed.

So bring plenty of pens and paper and make sure you’re here wide awake and all fired up, at least 10 minutes early.

What are our Past Clients Saying :

I met Ray 12 years ago on the personal development circuit.  I’d heard he was doing amazing things with people in property. Then, 5 years ago, just after I lost all my money and my home, I saw him at a workshop. I approached Ray for help.  In only a few months, and with only $100 down, Ray got me into my first property.  I had no money, and couldn’t borrow a cent.  Ray held my hand every step of the way.  He has supported me and never let me down. Today, I now own that property, and have it rented out.  I’ve also subdivided the back yard off and sold it.
Then I approached Ray again for more help.  I wanted to use what I had made in property, to try to buy a supermarket.  Fast forward to today, and I now own the grocery store in the bustling mining town of Kalgoorlie.  Ray Behan is a genius in my books. Kathy Smith

Perth Western Australia

My name is Steve. About 5 years ago I done some of Ray’s training at his one-day workshop. I went along because I wanted to try to get into a position to retire as early as I could. I done my first property transaction with Ray, and made a great chunk of money. Once I got the taste, I wanted more. Right now, I have just completed my first two-lot subdivision and will make a year’s salary just from that. Ray is already “on my case” to go and do it again. I now have a great mentor, a great plan and every possibility to keep getting better and better. My plan is to retire from the ‘9 to 5’ lifestyle soon, and with Rays support and ongoing guidance, I am on track. I am happy to tell anyone that Ray sticks to his word. Thanks Ray and the team. Steve and Dia Hopkins


I knew I had to do more to fund my life.  I knew that property was the way.  But I had no idea where to start or even how to start.  People I knew would tell me that there was no way I could get into property.  I knew that all I needed was guidance and support.  I met Ray at a workshop where he was speaking so I listened.  I decided to take on board what he was talking about and he promised to help me along the way.  He promised to give me all the support I needed and he did.  He was always there for me. I have a new investment property and my tenant moves in on Tuesday.  I was kind of like magic, he just knew what to do.  All I had to do was, learn and implement.

Raewyn Darlington

Single mum Melbourne

What are Our Current Clients Saying :

I always had a passion to get into property.  I had heard about Ray, so I went along one Saturday morning to his workshop just to see if there was something there for me.  Wow.  I took loads of notes and put everything into action.  I now have two property development deals under my belt.  I put $100 deposit down for each of these deals.  I can subdivide one of them into 10 lots and the other into 6 lots and not only that, but Ray actually signed BOTH of these deals up for me.  I had no idea how to do it, so he offered to be there with me every step of the way.  To say Ray supports all of us, is an understatement, Ray has thoroughly gone above and beyond for me.  He now has me on to my next deal.  This is powerful.  Thank you Ray.  Best thing I have ever done. 

Michael Kackarovski


I wanted to get into property without all the usual bells and whistles of paperwork and banks and so on.   I went along to one of Ray Behan’s workshops just to hear what it was all about.  To say I was blown away is an understatement.  Ray blew my mind.  Just recently I came across a property that could be subdivided into 77 Lots. Ray says he teaches people how to get into property with no money down, so I asked Ray to show me how to do it.  Ray offered to sit in on a call with the owners to help me sign up the project. At the end of the call, Ray had signed up this development site for me, and I put down $100 as a deposit.  Ray and I are working together with a small team he has placed me into, and he is supporting me as we go through the stages.  Never ever did I think I’d make this happen.  I am very privileged to have access to Ray.  He turns up for every appointment and has my back every step of the way.

Steve Thomas


I met Ray at his one-day workshop in Paramatta.  My English is not very good.  This was a big problem for me getting into property. Ray offered to put me into a team so that I could get all the help and support needed. He called me, educated me and helped me every time I needed it.  I have signed a multi-storey development site in Casula. I am excited about my life ahead and I can say that Ray is always there when I need him.

Tony Doan






9am – 5pm (registrations from 8.45am)


For joining us on the day,
we are also going to be giving you
this incredible bonus:

BONUS: The ‘Thermodynamics Of Money’

7 Part Video Series – How to Manage your Money Like a Master’

Most people fail to track their monthly spending, never write a budget or fail to implement any kind of money management system.

Yet, they still wonder why they can never afford to do the things they love in life.

The Thermodynamics of Wealth & Money is a 7 Part video course which will show you exactly how to do this and teach you fundamental management principles which will trickle out to all aspects of your life.

First, you can pretend you don’t really want to be wealthy and you’re happy working until you’re 65 where you can look forward to a mediocre environment.

However, if you’re still reading then I know you want more, and frankly you deserve it. I mean, everyone claims to want more, but are they serious? I bet they haven’t read this far like you, have they?

Second, you can try and figure this all out on your own. You can go to a dozen seminars, sign up to expensive courses, go read dozens of books and see how that works for you. Time is the critical thing here.

You need to invest through a full property cycle of 7-10 years to achieve financial freedom. The longer you delay the more wealth slips through your fingers. I’m sure you’re an action-taker, not a procrastinator, and you understand why this isn’t an option.

Thirdyou can join us for an intense day of property education where you’ll discover exactly what it takes to pay off your mortgage in 3 years instead of 25, and create and replace your income with just three properties, so you no longer worry about running out of money in retirement.

It’s going to be an eye-opening day, and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Ray Behan

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been to other seminars in the past, why is yours so different?
“Eliminate Your Mortgage in 36 Months, Not 25 Years” Workshop is TOTALLY different to anything you will have ever experienced. What you’re getting access to here is information that has never been shared before, and that will quite literally transform your income potential overnight.

You will discover wealth creation strategies that you didn’t even know existed – and you will leave with a tailor-made “FINANCIAL FREEDOM BLUEPRINT” designed to take you from where you are now to where you truly want to be!

Can I bring a friend?
ABSOLUTELY! You can bring as many friends and family members as you like. But remember, tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are only 55 seats available, so you need to act fast.
Will I get any 1-on-1 support during the workshop?
YES! This is exactly what sets The “Eliminate Your Mortgage in 36 Months, Not 25 Years” Workshop apart from the rest. During the workshop we’ll sit with you 1-on-1 and help you formulate a plan that suits your specific needs. That why we limit the numbers of seats.
Why is the event free?
  • Ray has been able to break free from his comfort zone. You’ve seen the testimonials where his clients talk about having massive outcomes by working closely with him. This is about long term massive outcomes with profitable property deals. It’s about giving everyone a chance to learn this life changing information
What do I need to bring?
First of all, you need to bring your lovely self… just registering won’t give you the benefits you need, but attending will.

Secondly, please make sure you bring a notepad and pen along with any food or drinks you will need throughout the day to keep you well-nourished and hydrated!