Essential Mentoring Program

Build Your 30 Year Vision – 3 Months

Mentoring Program One-On-One bi-weekly video mentoring and inspiration sessions- 4 Elements.

Element 1: Shifting Your money management skills from “Moderate” to ‘Skilled”

Element 2: Build your business  -How to plan for early retirement by building a successful business, and how to improve your current business to hit every target

Element 3: Investing – How to access other peoples money and invest it for huge returns

Element 4: Bucket List – How to identify all the great things you want to do and plan to make them a reality.


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Cost – $3,500.oo

Superior Property Mentoring

Build a clear, precise Property Portfolio from scratch

3 Months of bi-weekly intense planning and implementation live one-on-one video sessions with Ray Behan.

Element 1: How to become a deal master – Learn the powerful Art of Negotiating

Element 2: How to get into property with no money down – Learn how you can follow the World’s top investors, and make huge profits.

Element 3: How to turn property development into a full time career. Plan to escape your 9-5 grind, and turn property into a full time business.

Element 4: How to use your profits from developing to build a property empire. Discover how to build a legacy for you and your family.

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Cost – $3,997.oo

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