Are You a Machine, a Monster, or a Mermaid?

Are You a Machine, a Monster, or a Mermaid?

your life has been playing like a broken record for far too long…

It’s time to throw out the dodgy record player and upgrade your musical playlist.

The record I’m referring to is the subconscious conditioning and belief systems you acquired from a very young age. Unbeknown to most of us, these systems still play a huge role in your life today.

As adults, we struggle to remember what we had for lunch last week, but as children, small day to day occurrences became high impact moments which have had a long lasting effect on our worldview as adults.

What high impact moments from your childhood are still running on your outdated record player?

  • You can’t have that because we can’t afford it
  • Get whatever job you can and don’t complain
  • Don’t take risks
  • Play small, play safe

Sound familiar?

Well here’s the good news. All of these limiting beliefs and your subconscious conditioning can be overridden and upgraded with new, life enhancing programs

The Importance of Believing in Yourself

The Importance of Believing in Yourself

Wouldn’t it be annoying if you were to go on an overseas holiday and your friends asked you to bring home a ton of extra baggage?

Of course it would. Nobody wants to be lugging around someone else’s stuff when they should be out enjoying themselves. The thing is, I see people doing this all the time. We carry around other people’s emotional baggage on a daily basis.

If your parents are constantly passing off the baggage of their failures, more than likely a lot of that negative emotion will rub off on you. You will believe that if you try, you’ll probably fail too. If your friends are carrying around their failed relationship baggage, chances are you will start carrying around a disbelief in successful relationships too.

It’s the influential people in our lives which shape the way we perceive the world. If you are carrying around somebody else’s negative baggage, you are going to start believing that their baggage belongs to you.

Stop letting this slow you down and start enjoying your holiday!



The Importance Knowing It’s Not Easy

The Importance Knowing It’s Not Easy

In this week’s lesson we explore the idea of accepting that life’s not easy, and why that’s a good thing. Take a look at the video below and do the exercise I give at the end for yourself!

Are you constantly feeling inundated with your work-life, school-life, family-life, social-life etc..?

Guess what? That’s life!

To live a full and active life you have to accept that you are going to be constantly challenged and faced with difficulty. If you are feeling inundated, that just means that you haven’t accepted these challenges and are working from a place of discomfort and stress.

Once we have realised that challenge and difficulty should be welcomed as signs of growth and personal development, that’s when inundation can be quickly turned into inspiration.

Activity is the language of the body, inspiration is the language of the mind.


A lot of people, once settled in their comfortable lifestyle, will stop pushing themselves to take on more difficult challenges. Getting stuck in a cruisy lifestyle can seem ideal, but how far will cruisy take you really?

How The Experiences of Your Past Influence You Today

How The Experiences of Your Past Influence You Today

When was the last time you didn’t do something you really enjoy because you had no time?

Time is something we never have enough of, yet we often find ourselves spending a lot of it doing things that we don’t want to do. From a young age we are conditioned to believe that time is something we need to take advantage of, pushing us into a constant state of hurry.

Hurry up and finish your breakfast, brush your teeth, get to school, do your work, etc…

But is that really the best way to look at time? Always living in this state of hurry makes us more anxious and can be detrimental to our workflow and decision making. You are so busy and in such a hurry that you get lost.

Do you know what they teach you to do in the Boy Scouts if you get lost? NOTHING.

That’s right, the best thing you can do when lost is to just sit back and try to relax. The reason for this is that when people are lost in the forest and start running around in a state of panic, they typically end up even more lost.

On the other hand, when you get yourself into a relaxed state of mind, you start making more conscious and educated decisions. You start to remember the subtle aspects of the path you took, the objects that you saw along the way, and you can find smarter solutions to get back to safety.

What forests are you currently lost in? The forest of work pressure, relationship problems, family issues?

Take a look at this week’s video to learn more about dealing with getting lost in this constant state of hurry.

The Race, The Crash, and The Recovery of Property Investing

The Race, The Crash, and The Recovery of Property Investing

Getting into Property is just like getting into a car race

When any smart, experienced race car driver gets into a race, they know that there are going to be dings, scratched, and even big crashes along the way.

For this reason, the best drivers prepare themselves by having an equipped team ready to help them throughout the whole race.

The same logic should be applied to every property investing venture.

Property investing is a long-term plan, and if you see any property value growth chart it’s filled with ups and downs. When getting started, you need to have all your team fully prepared to take action when you come across the lows in the market.

Have a firm grip on your own finances, understand the predicted time you will need to hold the property, and determine the needs of your avatar tenet, are all things you and your team decide and agree on before getting started.

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