These are the rules my millionaire mentor gave me, and which led me to a life of riches beyond my wildest imagination

Sean Rasmussen

Sean Rasmussen

Internet Marketing Guru

Ray Behan

Ray Behan

Founder of THINK BIG

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How to have more money without working overtime … changing jobs … or getting a raise. Why earning more is no longer the best way to get rich in 2019

  • How to get your hands on our transformational money program – it sells for $597 and you can have it FREE
  • Don’t have enough money? Grab a piece of paper and do this simple exercise. I guarantee you can fix it
  • How you can create a second, third and even a fourth stream of income from home in a few short hours a week. Imagine earning more in your spare time than you do from your job. That’s going to open up some possibilities … right?
Why now is the best time in years to invest in property. Ignore what the media is telling you because the streets are lined with bargains. And better still – how you can make money from real estate without putting any money down … without settling on it … and without even needing a bank loan. Any person … any income can do this.
How the wealthy think and act when it comes to money … and how to copy them so you’ll finally stop blocking the wealth and abundance you richly deserve
What the rich to do create and maintain their wealth, and how you can easily copy them

Hi, I’m Ray Behan. And what I’m about to share with you are the 5 golden rules which took me from a high school dropout working as an apprentice electrician in Ireland … to coming to Australia and making millions of dollars.

I’m not smart, I wasn’t born into a rich family. And I certainly didn’t win the lottery along the way.

What I did was follow these 5 golden rules and let them change the course of my life.



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Dear friend,

Are you ready for complete and total financial freedom over your life?
When you are, these 5 Golden Rules of Wealth which millionaires swear by will finally give you what you’ve been wishing for.

Here’s why:

26 years ago, two young men left Ireland and flew to Perth to begin their new lives.
They were pretty much carbon copies of each other. They had similar tastes, similar abilities and both had huge dreams for their futures.

Fast forward to today. These same 2 guys are healthy, in awesome relationships and have led busy lives.

Yet there’s a difference.

One of the men works as a manager of a mid-sized company. He lives week to week off a decent income, is paying off his home loan and saves up to take his family away on a small holiday each year.

He’s looks like he’s doing OK, but deep down he knows he and his wife aren’t going to retire on much.

The other owns a 7 figure property portfolio, does a handful of 6 figure property deals a year, brings in even more money from his online business, runs a multi-million dollar company and doesn’t have to lift a finger for the rest of his life or worry about where the money is going to come from.

What Made The Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives?

It isn’t that one is smarter. It isn’t that one worked harder. And it certainly has nothing to do with luck.

The difference is what each person knows and what they
choose to do with this knowledge.

I should know of course. I’m one of the guys in this story.

Can you guess which one?

Luckily I’m the one who doesn’t have to lift a finger for the rest of his life.

However it could very easily have been the other way around …or worse.

As a school kid in Ireland I suffered a head injury.

I missed almost a term and when I walked back in my brain was all scrambled up.  For the next 8 years I couldn’t concentrate and I couldn’t make anything stick.

I struggled so badly in school that the cruel Christian Brothers who ran it tormented and embarrassed me every single day.

My life was a living hell. And I got out of there the day I turned 15 and managed to land an apprenticeship as an electrician.

Suddenly I caught a break.  A friend introduced me to a young multi millionaire who took me under his wing for the next 5 years.  His name was Paul and I owe everything to him because …

My Dad, brother and I just before my accident

… he taught me the 5 Golden Rules of Wealth
which only the super-rich know.

 My first ever house I bought when I was 20 on a very basic electrician’s wage. It’s thanks to the Golden Rules I was able to become a property owner, and the people I worked with could never understand how I did it.


And which most ‘average people’ never find out about.

This was when the lightbulb went off. I knew I wanted the lifestyle Paul had and I put all my faith in his rules.

I figured if I did exactly what he showed me I’d end up wealthy just like him.

My friends didn’t understand, they were waiting me to fail. Yet I didn’t fail. In fact …

… I bought my first house as a 20 year old and I paid cash for it … all on a basic electrician’s wage. A year later I had property number 2. 

Then I made a momentous decision.

I decided to leave my life behind and my buddy Patrick and I hopped on a plane and moved to sunny Australia.

Suddenly I was buying properties and making investments just like Paul taught me. He kept telling me “Ray, working for a living is pointless. It’s too hard. You need to invest and grow your money.

Don’t work for money … get money working for you!”

And I was raking in a fortune.

So Why Would I Share My Golden Rules?

What happened was I started rubbing shoulders with multi-millionaires. And I was amazed to discover these multi-millionaires and I were basically doing the exact same thing.

But you know what? They all wanted me to be part of their ‘in club’ so I wouldn’t spill the beans on what we were doing.

You know what I thought?

I thought these guys can go screw themselves. I’m not the kind of guy who rolls over just because some fat cat wants me to.

I’m not going to keep this a secret. Everyone deserves to know how to create a better life for themselves by making more money.

So I’m Blowing The Lid On The
5 Golden Rules Of Wealth

It’s probably the Irish rebel in me. But I can’t stand people holding back information which could take someone’s life from miserable to extraordinary in one leap.

And they work no matter how much you’re earning, how busy you are or even if you think you’ve got financial problems you’ll never get over.

Here’s the thing. You probably know one of these rules. Heck you might even know 2. But you won’t know all 5, a least not the way I know them.

It’s the reason you’re not going to be super-wealthy. Even if you’re doing OK – even if you’re making good money unless you know and follow these rules you’ll never know how to multiply your money.

And when you see how your life could be like once you know these 5 Golden Rules you’ll agree you should be living a much better life.

It’s not your fault though, it’s just you’ve never really been show how wealth is really made.

Before I reveal them, let me paint you a picture of what your life SHOULD be like.


You own several investments including 4 properties and shares, all putting around $5,000 a month in your pocket while you lounge around at home. And the best part is they haven’t even cost you a single cent from day 1.

Forget what other people tell you. You don’t need 20 properties or more to retire wealthy. When  you invest PROPERLY – you only need a small portfolio. You’ll see why in a second.


You’ve built up multiple streams of income with simple to run online ventures. These ventures are so easy to run you’re finished by 10:30 most mornings, leaving the rest of the day free to do as you choose.

Now you’ve replaced your wage several times over you don’t have to worry about getting up with the birds and spending an hour in the car just to end up in a job you hate.

And the best feeling is hearing your phone ‘ping’ every 10 or 15 minutes as one of your online businesses has sold something and you know there’s more money coming your way.


You retire early and choose to do whatever you want.

Retirement doesn’t happen at 65. It happens when you work out of inspiration, not desperation. It’s when you’re financially stable enough to choose to work or not. Or help your kids at school, work for your favourite charity or even do up an old classic car. That’s what freedom gives you.

You’ll pack your bags for a couple of overseas holidays each year.

I’m not talking about cheap packages in Bali. You’ll drift between coffee shops in Vienna, dine in famous bistros in Paris and celebrate New Year’s Eve in Time Square.

Can you imagine living life like this? I used to dream about it when I was a young kid wiring up houses in the freezing cold in Dublin. Mind you I never thought I’d actually get it. But bit by bit I learnt what to do and made little changes in my life.

Frankly if I had my time over I’d have done it faster just like you can.

But here I am now, motivated as hell to share these 5 Golden Rules with you. And to show you how you can get there in half the time it took me.


Everything you need to know to bring huge amounts of money into your life  so you build wealth which lasts a lifetime

I’m running a special workshop where I give you everything you need to know about these 5 golden rules.

It’s an intense day where I spill the lot on how to use them. And we’re actually to start taking action on them.

In fact in just one day you’ll be in the best financial shape of your life.

Best of all I’m so motivated to show these ‘rich snobs’ who didn’t want me showing you this that I’m doing it for free.

I guarantee you’ve never attended an event like this. It’s completely unique and never been done before.


Because you won’t be taught a whole bunch of theory which doesn’t work in the real world.

You won’t be hyped up with loud music and being forced to hug your neighbours and do stupid exercises to make you feel good.

You’re going to actually work on your finances while you’re in the room. And by the time you’re finished you’re genuinely going to be in great financial shape.

You’re going to walk out with your finances in the best shape of your life. And a blueprint for creating more and more wealth starting the moment you get home.

Golden Rule #1.

Get Your Finances Under Control So You’re In Charge Of Your Money, Not The Other Way Around

Have you ever looked at your bank balance and felt sick?

What about opening the mailbox and seeing it stuffed full of bills … knowing the mortgage is due … and suddenly there’s a new school note about an interstate camp?

Is money the last thought which goes through your mind when you fall asleep at night … and the first thing which pops back into your head the moment you climb out of bed?

Even if you’re doing OK you still might not have enough to show for it.

If this sounds like you and you’re like most people … you start to panic. Your stomach tightens up in a knot and the stress levels shoot through the roof.

Now you’re beginning to panic … and what happens when we make decisions when we’re panicking?

You guessed it! We screw up. However …

When you remove the emotion around money
you make
logical decisions about it.

And the first emotional trigger we remove is uncertainty.

Even if you’re doing OK, there’s still a sense of wanting to do better.

Listen … the sad fact is most people couldn’t tell me where their money goes each month. Most couldn’t even tell me how much their mortgage repayments are.

Could you?

Let’s Try A Little Test To See How Ready You Are To Get Rich

Grab a piece of paper and a pen.

Then write down …

1. How much you spent on entertainment in the last month

2. How much you spent on groceries

3. How much your home loan is (down to the dollar)

How did you go? Was it accurate… kind of right … or just a wild stab in the dark?

Just knowing the answer to these questions starts to put you back in control.

And if you’re like most people it was probably a stab in the dark.

However you need to be able to answer these questions because you need to be in control financially.

Frankly … I have never met anyone who created any significant wealth who couldn’t answer these basic questions.

The first golden rule gives you certainty about your money.

We need to know exactly what’s coming in and what’s going out.

Then we can make good decisions about it.

So we’re going to figure it all out. And we’re not guessing by the way. You’re going to log into your internet banking on your phone (or your laptop if you have one) and I guarantee you’ll be stunned how much money is being wasted on things you simply don’t need.

Subscriptions and memberships going to waste.

Late fees on bills you should have paid on time.

Treats and entertainment you don’t really want.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to ditch the treats.

I’m saying quite the opposite. Once your finances are under control you’ll be treating yourself to genuine treats you really want instead of token treats you don’t care too much about.

Who Would Believe You Could Save Money And Be Happier!

Amazing, right?

Getting your money under control and making cool, logical decisions about it means getting more out of life and saving for the future too.

And this is exactly what we’re doing at the 5 Rules of Money Workshop. You’re going to pull up your bank balances on your phone. And we’ll give you worksheets to categorise all your spending for the past month.

This way you’ll actually know where your money’s going and you’ll actually start getting your finances under control.

One more thing in case you’re wondering – you will absolutely NOT be asked to share your personal information with anyone else. This exercise is yours and yours alone.

I know you might be uncomfortable sharing personal details with a stranger so I promise you, your worksheet and numbers will be yours in complete privacy.

And By The Way There’s Another Step To This
And It’s Going To Change Your Life Forever.

It’s something I only ever do with paying students. And it’s the first time I’ve ever done it at a workshop like this.

However I’m not telling you what it is. All I can tell you is …

… this will transform your finances
and your life on the spot.

And we’re just getting warmed up here. In Wealth Rule #2 you’ll be able to pump your new financial system full of money and you’ll quickly be on your way to your dream life.

Golden Rule #2.

Boost Your Income With A Part Time Business You Run From Home In A Few Spare Hours A Week

There’s no point earning more money while it’s slipping through your fingers.

But now you’ve got your money working like a well-oiled machine you can pump more and more money into it.

The easiest way to do this is with your own part-time business you can run from home in a few hours a week.

And the best business by far to run is an online business.

People from all over the world … mums and dads … uni students … retirees … employees … business owners … white collar professionals even kids are making an income using something almost everyone uses yet few actually know anything about.

Hands Down, This Is The Easiest And Fastest Way
To Make Money In The World

You don’t need to lease a building or buy any equipment. Just a computer connected to the internet will do.

You don’t need much time because you can automate almost everything so your business runs almost without you.

And you don’t even need any special skills. The technology around today makes it dead simple to run your online business. And it’s simple to find an answer to any problem you have.

Here are some quick facts about internet marketing to get your greed glands going.

1.92 billion people buy products online which is 1 person in every 3 around the world.

Over $2.7 TRILLION dollars is spent online every year. That’s 2.7 thousand million million.

Online shopping is growing at a lightning fast 15% a year – which means it’s only getting bigger.

Just one site – Amazon – counts for almost half of the money spent online in the USA.

And everything on the internet can be tracked which means you’ve got a ton of data you can use – plus programs which do it all for you – to create products and find buyers for them with ease.

And it gets better.

Imagine how you’ll feel waking up in the morning and getting a dozen emails from your online store listing the sales you made while you were asleep.

And better still you didn’t have to lift a finger to send products or do anything because it’s all automated.

How about when you walk out of one of those ‘horror meetings’ at work where everything seems to have gone wrong … and you look down at your phone and see more notifications telling you that you just made more in the last hour than you will all day in your job. This will cheer you up, right?

Especially when you’re getting close to fully replacing your income so you can enjoy life without being stuck in a job you hate.

Creating an online business is an exciting way to earn lots of money without needing to spend hours becoming an expert.

You can sell eBooks. You can sell products on Amazon or eBay. You can run a dropshipping business where people pay you for products which you don’t pay for until someone buys them first.

You can sell clothing and shoes, electronics, books, tools … absolutely anything.

There’s no limit to what you can sell. And it’s easy.

Then with the whole world to sell to, you can grow as big as you damn well feel like.

My Co-Presenter At The 5 Rules Of Money Is Internet Marketing Legend
Sean Rasmussen.

When was the last time you had advanced knowledge of a new way to make money online which could turn into a mountain of money?

When was the last time someone showed you how easy it is to use, even in a brand new online venture so you could dominate a market before everyone even realises what’s going on.

This is precisely what my co-presenter Sean Rasmussen is giving you.

He has sold over $7,600,000 in products online in his career.

He has personally made over $240,000 a month for month after month.

And his daily rates for one day’s training are $5,000 and he commands $50,000 for one-on-one coaching, making them unaffordable to almost everyone.

And he should know a money-making trend when he sees one.

… He made a fortune on Google Adwords and SEO in 2006 …

… He cashed in on social media and blogging in 2007 …

… And he raked in a fortune running ads on Facebook in 2012.

Today he is already making serious money with a trend which is set to be as big as all these and the best part is … nobody is awake to it yet.

What does it mean for you?

It means you’ll be one of the first to use this new trend and make money before everyone else catches on.

And you’ll be so far ahead by this stage you’ll be dominating any market you go into.

And better still it’s dead simple to make money this way and …

You can put your online business
on auto-pilot.

In fact, one of Sean’s recent students told me this:

“ 90 days after taking Sean’s advice, I made $30,000. I went on to bank $250,000 in the first year. Even though I was financially under massive pressure, Sean convinced me that financially successful people do not defer their success “until tomorrow. So I sat and listened.
I was 27. I’m now 42 and have been working from home for 15 years. Take a listen to what he’s got to say. It could be the defining moment where you take control of your future, just like I did.”
~ Ben Chislett, Melbourne, Australia

If you’ve seen so-called ‘internet marketing experts’ before then rest assured. Sean isn’t like them. He practices what he preaches and he’s going to show you inside exactly what he’s doing.

This way you won’t be trying the same old out-dated tactics which everyone is using. You’ll be making money by getting way ahead of the game.

Plus Sean will show you the hottest market you can target with your internet business.

It’s wealth seekers – people who already have money and want to make more of it. To them, if someone can show them how to increase their wealth – just like I’m showing you how to increase yours – then they’ll spend big money to learn how.

It’s an investment to them, not a cost.

They’re cashed up and looking for things to buy.

It gets better because you can run any kind of business your heart desires.

And if you don’t have anything then Sean has a ready-made product in the wealth-seeker market … and the system ready for you to use.

So, let me ask you …

What happens when you combine the hottest market with the hottest internet trend?

For now, use your imagination because you have to wait until you get here to find out how huge this opportunity is.

For example, Mark Bunker is one of my students and even though he has only just started he’s nearly at $6,000 a month.

That’s almost $72,000 a year in his spare time and growing for goodness sake!

Exciting, right? And it’s a reason to be here on its own.


Golden Rule #3.

Invest and Grow

Now you’ve built the foundation blocks you’re ready to turn your financial fire into a raging inferno. 

How do you do this?

Simple. You take your new found money – and there will be a lot of it – and you start to invest it and grow rich sooner.

This Is How Australians Manage Their Money
It’s Wrong!

Most people go to work and every month or fortnight their employer puts their wage into their bank account.

Then the bank (or the landlord) takes their share. Then maybe the car loan gets whipped out. Perhaps a credit card payment or two … maybe a personal loan as well.

Then there’s the car and house insurance … private health insurance … Foxtel, Netflix and an expensive mobile phone.

Then we go grocery shopping … buy clothes … go out for tea a couple of times … buy lunch … get snacks … feed the pets … pay for school excursions … pay the school fees and on and on it goes.

If there’s a bit left at the end then maybe we save it for a holiday or put it away in the ‘emergency fund’.

Instead you should do what I covered in the first two rules. Reduce your expenses, then get new sources of income.

Then you invest in assets which grow.

Instead of working for money …

… your money is working for you.

And this means accumulating massive assets which go up like crazy and cost you very little to own.

Now, it’s no secret I love residential property as an investment. But it doesn’t have to be real estate.

These can be anything from houses to factories, shares, collectables and even government bonds.

As long as what you’re using is going up in value and not costing you much or preferably nothing at all to own then your wealth is climbing like a jumbo jet taking off instead of chugging along like an old car.

Would you like another way to  make money from real estate  without even putting any money down ?

This is exciting because you can do it right now.

You don’t need a loan … you don’t need a deposit … you don’t even need to put any of your own money on the line.

Thanks to the incompetent governments in every Australian state, we’ve run out of room for new houses.

So instead, people are sub-dividing big blocks of land to build 2 or more houses on. And once you know how you’ll be able to find deals like these and put them together.

That’s it. It couldn’t be simpler. I did millions and millions of dollars worth of these deals when I first came to Australia.

And today it’s even easier than 20 years ago.

It’s fun, it’s lucrative and it could be one of your new income streams very soon.

It’s exactly what Kathy Smith from Western Australia did …
… and made $104,500 cash – with no money down

Kathy Smith was in serious trouble. She had just lost her house and barely had a cent to her name. She contacted me, desperate for a solution and promising to do everything I told her.

I told her exactly what I wanted her to do. And within 30 days she did her first deal like this. She didn’t put a cent into the deal either – she didn’t have anything.

And within 12 months her deal turned into $104,500 in cash.

And you know what? Kathy knows how powerful high growth assets are.

You see, this deal was just the tip of the iceberg. Kathy has kept going and today she literally owns a shopping centre which is growing in value like crazy and giving her heaps of income.

The actual property at 104 Celebration Street Beckenham WA

Kathy Smith – $104,500 clear profit in her first deal … now owns a shopping centre.


Steve and Dia Hopkins did it too and are on track for a $250,000 payday

Steve and Dia are also huge fans of this strategy. They’ve gone from no money down to $40,000 from their very first simple deal.

And they’ve taken that and put it into another growth project – a development – and are about to exit for a whopping $250,000 payday.

Imagine doing a deal and making $104,500. What about $250,000.

Why would you even want to go to work when deals like this can be found in your own backyard.

It’s another reason to be at the 5 Golden Rules of Money. You’re going to get this strategy as well.

Steve & Dia Hopkins, Perth, Australia

Steve and Dia Hopkins – first deal made them $40,000 … about to cash out their second deal for a clear $250,000 profit.

This is a screenshot of the actual property.

Golden Rule #4.

Money is made in your mind before it’s made in your bank account

I’m going to make a really bold claim here.

It’s up to you whether you believe it or not however I have seen it play out over and over again so many times I know for a fact it’s true.

And this little fact is the gateway between you and …

… a world of untold wealth and opportunity.

If you took all the money in the world and shared it equally among everyone – so we all had the exact same amount of money … then within 12 months the people who were poor before would be poor again.

And the people who were rich before would wind up with all the money, just like before.

Why is it some people will always be rich?

More importantly, how can you be one of these people?

The answer is some people have a millionaire’s mindset and some people have a poverty mindset.

The rich treat money with respect and they’re always open to receiving more of it. They know money is abundant and there’s plenty to be had.

On the other hand are the people with a poverty mindset. This doesn’t mean they’re technically ‘poor’, in fact some have really good incomes. Some have huge incomes. But for some reason they still live paycheque to paycheque.

How Do I Know The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind?

Remember the head injury I suffered as a kid?

It was so severe that instead of getting better it turned into a condition called Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.

It basically means the temporal lobe suffers seizures and they cause you to act a bit … strange. You get dizzy, weird sensations in the stomach and chest and conditions which look like the onset of a stroke.

Anyhow, when I was 18 I was given a book about how the brain works and I was fascinated by it.

It took me down all sorts of paths from the brain, mindset and quantum physics.

And it led me to study at the feet of the masters including Dr. John Demartini, Dr Jeffrey Fanning and Dr. Joe Dispenza. I have even spent time with these great mindset and quantum physics teachers at the University of Quantum Physics in Arizona and the HeartMath Institute in Boulder Creek in California.

Dr. Jeffrey Fannin

Dr. John Demartini

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Now, I am teaching other people around the world how to harness universal rules to create unlimited wealth, happiness and success in their lives.

My Top Tip: This is How You Become A ‘Money-Magnet’

If you want money to be magnetically attracted to you then it all comes down to how you treat it.

I’m not kidding.

You know how some people are really popular and everyone falls in love with them?

They have a great relationship with people. They treat people well and with respect. They’re happy to be with you and if you’re like most people you want to be with them.

On the other hand if you treat your husband or wife … your girlfriend or boyfriend … or your best friend badly do you think they’ll stick around?

Heck no!

And money is exactly the same.

If we treat it badly and we think negative thoughts about it there’s no way it’s going to stick around.

However when we welcome it and treat it as if it’s important then it will stay around and grow.

The Sad Tale Of Mike Tyson

Even though he had $460,000,000 in his bank account, Champion boxer Mike Tyson was still poor.

Despite his immense wealth, Tyson still saw himself as the poor kid from the other side of the tracks.

His mind created this reality in his life. His poverty mindset rejected the money and before long he was flat broke. A few years later you could hire him for your event for a miserable $2,000 a day.

The Mike Tyson of today is a different story.

He got his act together, created a wealthy person’s mindset, adopted a positive relationship with money and is now happier than he has ever been with a net worth of $3,000,000 and growing.

See, I’m not kidding. The relationship you have with money will lead you to riches or ruin.

Money is made in your mind before it’s made in your bank account.

The Inspiring Story Of Mark Bunker from Perth

Let me tell you about Mark Bunker, one of my students. That’s Mark’s photo there on the right.

Financially, Mark’s life was in absolute chaos. Even though he was earning good money he had no direction and no plan.

Mark was what you’d describe as a seminar junkie. He’d been to event after event and still couldn’t get his act together.

So I showed him these 5 golden rules and helped him get his head in order. Finally he was treating money with the respect it deserves and he got his mindset around it right.

Today Mark thinks and acts like a millionaire.

“Ray’s secret, that stands him out from anyone else, is his understanding of mindset. Analysing my thinking to help me break free from emotional blocks was the first work Ray put me through. After that EVERYTHING changed.”

And where is Mark today?

Today Mark has more money in his savings and investing accounts than ever before. He owns investment property and has followed a life-long dream to live near water.  He has moved so he lives next to the beach.

He’s also quickly building an internet business – heading to $6,000 a month at the moment and climbing quickly.

Mark Bunker – from seminar junkie and no results … to a property portfolio, a house by the beach and building a new $6,000 a month income stream

And all because he chose to drag himself out of bed one cold, rainy Saturday morning to come to my workshop.

I arrived in Perth with my friend Patrick with a massive dream – to become wealthy and live an amazing life. 

And within a few months I had a job, my first investment property and did my first sub-division.

All while Patrick went and got a conventional job and didn’t do anything with the money he was earning.

At The 5 Rules Of Money I’m sharing the very same mindset which started my journey to astonishing wealth.

You Must Have A Millionaire’s Mindset Before Your Millions Flow To You

Here are a few of the things which will attract wealth and money into your life.


The hidden fears which really hold investors like you back, and how to shrink your fears from the size of an elephant to the size a mouse


Why your age, qualifications or background mean nothing when it comes to creating wealth

look at me … I arrived here as a young man without a job or any education, yet I retired a millionaire a few years later. If I can, what’s your excuse?


Why mindset is the reason most people fall way short of the potential they’re so capable of


Why being shy or introverted has nothing to do with creating wealth.

I’ve turned some of the quietest people you could ever meet into millionaires


Why your financial situation is never, ever as bad as you think, and how you can turn it around quickly – critical information if you’re living pay-cheque to pay-cheque


The real reason most people who try to invest, only end up seeing their dreams of riches turn to dust before their eyes. Remember Mike Tyson? It all comes down to how you think and act about money


The real reason you see people come out of nowhere and are suddenly rich. It’s like they have the Midas Touch, and everything they touch turns to gold. You’re about to become one of them

I’m also taking you through a life-changing exercise which shows you where you are financially, and where you wish you could be. Then I’ll show you how your dream can become a certain reality.

By the way, you will not be asked to share any personal information with strangers. This exercise is purely about you and you will only ever work alone or with your loved one. 

OK, now you’ve got the first 4 Golden Rules there’s one final one. Just be prepared because it’s going to propel your wealth into the stratosphere.

Golden Rule #5.

Putting It All Together With A MASTER PLAN Which Skyrockets Your Wealth

By now you know you should probably be attending The 5 Rules of Money.

The first 4 wealth secrets are all proven to accelerate you to wealth safely and reliably.

It’s an ultra-conservative plan which I have proven over and over again for creating total financial freedom within the next 5 to 10 years.

And of course, some people are more ambitious and if you are you’ll go much faster.

However it’s not just a case of applying bits and pieces here and there. True wealth comes when you build a wealth acceleration machine.

I don’t want you to make a bit more money.

My goal for you is for you to become rich beyond … even beyond what you think is possible right now.

I’m not going to rush you through this. We’re going to start the process and it will keep building and building.

I’m talking about the kind of wealth which lasts not just your lifetime but your kids’ as well.

Each rule supports each other.

Your mindset gives you the fuel to drive you forward.

Getting your money under control means fixing your current financial problems and putting yourself in a strong position where you’re in the driving seat.

Creating an extra income flow (or two) from an online business means pouring more money into your wealth machine and getting ahead much sooner.

And investing in high growth assets puts your wealth accumulation into overdrive.

This is what the 5th golden rule is about. Putting all the pieces together in a cohesive plan and taking massive action.

If you’re ambitious you can use this plan
to become wealthy much, much faster

And this is where the 5 Rules of Money is totally different to other events.

First, it is NOT some get-rich-quick seminar. If that’s your goal then please stay at home. It’s about creating the platform for accumulating wealth over time.

What’s more I don’t just tell you how to do it usher you out the door. I give you a complete step-by-step master plan which sets everything out in plain English.

Plus you’re going to take action and do the budgeting exercise so the first golden rule is complete and you’ll have control over your money before you walk out the door.

I bet you’ve never seen this at another event before, right?

You won’t leave scratching your head wondering “Where the hell do I start?”. You’ll walk out with part of it done already and knowing exactly what to do next. Won’t that feel great?

And The Best Part Is, If You’re Quick  It Won’t Cost You A Cent To Attend

I start every day thinking about the things I’m grateful for, and how I can give something back.

There’s an abundant amount of money, wealth and friendship in the world. And I’m always grateful for the life I lead.

It’s why I won’t be bullied around by the greedy fat-cats who want to keep it all secret.

So Sean and I decided to run this workshop for free. And by holding it in smaller venues, without any fanfare or big-name guest speakers we can do it.

Of course, an event like this is not for everyone.

Most people don’t genuinely want to be rich.

Most people are oblivious to the tough life they’re hurtling towards in retirement.

And most people aren’t prepared to take action, even small steps like attending a short workshop to turn their dreams into reality.

Only People With A Genuine Passion To Become Wealthy
And To Savour All Life Has To Offer Will Come.

And that’s perfect. I only want people like you here. People with a passion for creating a new life for themselves.

Here’s the thing though. I’m giving away a vast amount of information in this workshop. I could take things at a slow, pedestrian rate but we wouldn’t get through everything, OK?

So I Have One Small Favour To Ask You:

The 5 Golden Rules I’m taking you through are brutally effective. People have started with nothing, and within a few years were living the most incredible, abundant and wealth-filled lives they could ever imagine.

There simply isn’t anyone in Australia teaching this sort of life-changing information. Only a few come close, and they still miss key bits.

The rest just talk about airy-fairy concepts because they don’t actually have any practical experience doing what I’m showing you.

This is powerful and it works.

Here’s what Jess Desantis told me.

“My husband and I met Ray 8 years ago.  At that time we were on a journey to build our wealth and make sure that our finances were in place. 

We wanted to really focus on ourselves.  My husband was in a high pressure job and we weren’t spending as much time together as we’d like. 

I was worried about the problem of all this stress on him and us.  We wanted to change so much about how we lived but we needed someone to guide us through the mine field. 

After listening to Ray we realized in the first 10 minutes that what he had to say was different and very compelling.   

He thought us that mindset was the key to change and we realized that the first thing we need to do was to change how we think around money.  We got that message in an instant.  

Fast forward 8 years. 

My husband has been able to walk away from his job and replace his income.  We have used everything we learned and now own two retail stores, we’ve built a multimillion dollar property portfolio of 6 properties AND we are undertaking our own property development AND we get to spend lots and lots of time together.“

Jess Desantis, Melbourne, Australia

Saved $200,000

“Since meeting Ray, he has been gently coaching my husband and I towards financial freedom using one of his tools called Thermodynamics. This process uses mathematical equations i.e. universal laws to ensure you have money available It’s like magic.

I have never met a mentor who has so much time for clients and is always available at short notice, nothing is too much for Ray.

Thanks to Ray he saved us from a $220,000 mistake. He has helped us step by step to build an extensive portfolio.”

Elvira Giannitto, Adelaide, Australia

Made $80,000 in 2 years

I met Ray back in 2013. In 2 years, he made us $80,000 and we are looking at an equity of $300,000 in around 18 months. The best part of working with Ray is I still see him to this day for advice in all aspects of life. Ray for me is different because he won’t ever give up and on me.

Thank you for all your life long ongoing support I’m so grateful as you have not only changed my life but saved my life.  Love ya mate.

Steven Thomas, Melbourne, Australia


See dates on REGISTRATION page
Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm

What You Learn Will Change Your Life Forever, As It Has For So Many Others.

So I figured, why just give you some of the information when I can give you the whole enchilada?

I’ve compressed the day’s schedule together so you get 2 days’ worth of life-changing education in just one single day. So please, don’t look at this as some sort of “day off”.

This Will Be The Most Intense Day Of Your Life, And You Must Be Prepared  To Take Pages And Pages Of Notes.

Rest assured – the information will come thick and fast.

And when it comes to sorting out your finances, you’ll be working hard to make it happen.

But that’s why you’re coming, right?

To actually make changes and make your life better?

So bring plenty of pens and paper, and make sure you’re here wide awake and all fired up, at least 10 minutes early.

You’re Also Going To Receive
This Fantastic Gift

I believe in rewarding you for taking action so I want to give you this amazing gift.

Fast Action Bonus: The Thermodynamics Of Money Online Course  – THE 5 GOLDEN RULES OF WEALTH

Value $597

If I’m right about you then I know you’re taking this seriously.

And there’s no better way to help you than giving you ongoing support.

Because let’s face it – most people see managing money as a chore –  they’d rather chew off their arm to get out of doing it.

You’re Not Like ‘Most’ People
And This Is Why I Love You

You see a golden opportunity to change your future.

Most people go through life with nothing to show for their money.

You, on the other hand are going to be enjoying more wealth … an earlier retirement, a nicer house, better holidays … and most important of all …

… the peace of mind which
comes from knowing you’ll never have to
stress about money ever again.

Once you start, it’s addictive! You’ll always be looking for new ways to save more, make more and invest more.

And this is what this online program is all about.

All the 5 Wealth Rules are in this program which means you’re going to get the 5 steps on the day … and then you’re going to have them at home as well.

Then, watch it at least once a month and discover exciting new ways to improve your money. This means even more in your bank account and more working for you.

Exciting, right?

Even better, as part of the course we’ll also connect with you every 3 months for the next 5 years to give you new ideas and help keep you on track.

You’ll get access to our closed-door online community where we talk and discuss all things money.

And you’ll get world class training on creating more wealth and investing your money so it grows and grows.

Just note though – this is only for action takes.

I’m sure you’re going to take this seriously, as if your life depends on it – which it does.

So to get access you have to be at the event.

This way the only people who will get the benefit of this training, and join our exclusive community will be serious just like you. 

And I’ll run through it with you so you get every last drop out of the program.

You’ll Rub Shoulders With Other People
Whose Lives Have Dramatically Improved
With These 5 Golden Rules.

One of the reasons I love running this workshop is to re-connect with people I’ve taught in the past.

Many people come back for a tune-up, to get new ideas or simply to refresh their learning.

Which means the room will be full of people I’m working with right now. Some are just starting out, many are well on their way and a number have become wealthy already.

I encourage you to seek them out and ask how the golden rules have impacted their lives. They’ll be very willing to share their experiences with you because they also know how important it is to share and give back.

And If You’re Still Sceptical I’m Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is.

When you attend, I guarantee you’ll learn more than any other event you’ve ever been to. And you’ll walk away knowing exactly what to do next.

In The Unlikely Event You Don’t 110% Believe This Is The Best Wealth Event You’ve Ever Attended, Come And See Me  And I’ll Put My Hand In My Pocket And Give You $50 For Your Time.

That’s how confident I am. But really I don’t have anything to worry about, because I’ve made sure this workshop blows any other every event you’ve ever attended out of the water.

The way I see it you have 3 choices.



You can keep going the way you are, knowing there’s never enough in the bank to truly enjoy the life you and your family deserve.
If I know you, this probably isn’t what you want.



You can try and figure all this out on your own. Go to dozens of other seminars, sign up to expensive courses, go read piles of books and see how it works for you.

But time is the critical thing here. The longer you delay the more wealth slips through your fingers. Why try and work it out on your own when it’s all laid out in front of you here.
I’m sure if you’re an action-taker – not a procrastinator then you understand why this isn’t an option.



You can join me and a room full of other millionaires-in-waiting for one amazing day where you’ll literally change your financial future forever.


See dates on REGISTRATION page
Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm

I look forward to getting your wealth journey started.

Yours truly,

Ray Behan

P.S. Where will you be 30 days from now if you decide NOT to attend? Probably driving through expensive neighbourhoods wishing you could live there. Perhaps watching travel shows with envy instead of excitement. Maybe waking up dreading having to go to work, and hating that you’re not doing anything to change it.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Everyone dreams of being wealthy, but only a small number of people actually do anything about it. If you want to change the circumstances of your life then you have to take action.

P.P.S. This workshop is only being run in small venues so I expect them to fill up extremely quickly. That’s the way I like it. I only want committed, action-takers in the room.

If you’re the kind of person who makes quick, decisive decisions and you secure your seat then you’re the kind of person who deserves to be here.

P.P.P.S. The best way to attend this workshop is as a couple. Becoming wealthy is something you need to do together. You both need to understand the plan and action it together.